Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What's the deal with poppers?

I hooked up with Don again.  He started texting me early on Monday, wanting me to come by on my way to work.  I couldn't make it then, but I would be able to later.  I asked him if he wanted cock for lunch, since I was more than willing to serve it to him.

It was the same deal as before.  Park out front, walk around back, use the sliding glass door to his bedroom.  I wasn't anywhere near as nervous this time.  Am I becoming a pro at this?  I'm sure many of you could come up with other things to call me!  Ha ha.

This time he got on his knees in front of me.  I had already undressed down to my boxer briefs.  I let him take over from there.  When he took my cock into his mouth, my knees almost buckled.  I grabbed his head with both hands to keep myself steady.  He swallowed it whole, then pulled off the lick all around the base and my balls.  Then engulfed my cock again.  When I couldn't possibly stand any longer, I pulled out and moved over to the bed.

When I sat down, he immediately fed me his cock.  Which I happily took, and wrapped my mouth around.  I decided to put my new found rimming skills to work.  I pulled him onto the bed, on his knees, and position my heads between his legs.  I sucked on his cock, then moved to his balls.  When I started to move back further, he didn't resist.  So I went for it and stuck my tongue in his ass crack.  He lifted a leg to give my better access, and my mouth and tongue lapped up his hole.

Again, I was surprised by the sweet taste, and I wasn't at all repulsed.  And, oh man!, his reaction!  He obviously loved it, which only served to get me more into it.  He started moaning, and gyrating his hips.

After a few, I pull off and we both fell to the bed.  I landed on top of him, and we began "dry humping" while we kissed.  Then I kissed down his body till I made my way back to his cock.  I gripped it tightly with my fist, and began sucking on the head.  That got a much better reaction out of him that my previous attempts.  There was a point, a small one, where I thought I might actually get him to cum.  But then he calmed down, and my jaw was getting tired.  So, I pulled off, and started making my way towards his ass again.

I was only there for a few seconds when he suddenly got up and pushed me onto my back.  Before I knew it, he was straddling me, shoving his cock into my pelvis.  He reached behind himself and grabbed my cock, and said "I've been waiting for you to fuck me!", or something to that effect as he started to lift himself up.  I reacted quickly, grabbing my own cock and stopping him from moving.

"No, not without a condom!", I whispered, then pulled him down for another kiss.

If he was upset, he didn't show it.  We moved quickly so that I was back on top.  Now I was pushing my cock up against his.  I wet a couple fingers and started to play with his ass.  But after a few seconds, he pushed my hand away.  I told me he wanted me to jack off and cum all over his chest.  So I sat up and straddled him, with his cock nestled in my crack, and started jacking.

Then he said, "Wait", and reached over and grabbed a bottle off the night stand.  I wasn't paying much attention, I thought it was lube or something.  He took the cap off and stuck it up to his nose, took a quick sniff, then repeated on his other nostril.  Then he held out the bottle to me.

"No thanks, I'm good", and just started jacking again.  I had been close to the edge for a few minutes now, so it didn't take long before my cum was flying all over him.  Before I could even catch my breath, he pushed me forward so that my cock was hanging over his face.  Then he took my cock into his mouth and started sucking, and he started jacking himself.  I would have finished him myself, but I liked this too.  Although my cock was extremely sensitive and I had to pull it out of his mouth a couple times.  I felt like I was going to jump our of my own skin.  But that didn't stop him, each time he'd take it back into his mouth again and keep on jacking.  After a couple of minutes, he was coming.  I was falling off him, and we both were lying breathless on his bed.

Now comes the awkward part.  He gets up and grabs a small towel he had ready off the dresser and tosses it to me.  I get up, wiping myself off, and talk to his bathroom to clean myself up.  I'm not saying much, I'm not very talkative in normal situations.  But when I return from the bathroom I'm curious about the bottle on his nightstand.  I asked what it was as I walked over and picked it up.  He said it was poppers, and that it makes orgasms better.  I know about poppers, at least in theory, because I read A LOT of porn.  So I had suspected that's what it was.  But when I picked up the bottle, it was small, brown and looked a little like vanilla extract bottle, I saw that the label read "Nail Polish Remover". WTF?

Really?  Are poppers actually nail polish remover?  And inhaling this is supposed to make better orgasms, without frying my brain?  I had no idea.  I just put the bottle down and started to get dressed, with several thoughts running through my mind, but didn't say a word.  Had sex with me become so bland that he needed help to get off?  That he needed to burn brain cells to get off?  And would he have really let me fuck him bareback?  I get the effects of being in the heat of the moment, but he doesn't know a thing about me.  Why would he think it's safe to do that?  It was another fucking hot session, but I left more confused than relieved.


  1. I'd be really, really careful of this dude. Didn't you say he was married? Something is not adding up with this picture. He's willing to bareback a guy he doesn't know and has poppers in the house? Everything about this senario screams trouble. Watch out.

  2. Hey just found your blog today. Read through some of your old posts, and really enjoyed it. Welcome to the community and to blog world. LOVE AND HUGS

  3. listen jay,


    Google “poppers.” Wikipedia has a pretty str8 forward explanation. Amyl nitrate (the most common form of poppers) and acetone (nail polish remover) are both solvents. Occasional use of poppers is not necessarily harmful. It’s a smooth muscle relaxant and in addition to raising blood pressure, it relaxes the sphincter muscles and supposedly makes anal intercourse more pleasurable.

    People will snort just about anything. some chemicals are definitely harmful…even dangerous. AFTER you’ve read up on it, if you want to try it, buy your own bottle. NEVER snort something someone (especially a casual hook-up) offers you. You have NO way of knowing what it is your snorting. You can’t rely on a bottle’s label!

    If this guy is snorting acetone and barebacking, he’s definitely into risky behavior. Some people maintain that anal sex is much riskier than oral sex. They’ll never bareback but they’ll swallow. Unsafe sex is unsafe sex and body fluids and fecal matter transmit disease. If you’re going to have casual hook-ups, you’re a fool if you don’t practice safe sex. Also, it’s one thing to seek sexual gratification outside your marriage; it’s another thing altogether to expose your wife to disease. That’s irresponsible and, frankly, selfish.

    I’ve been a real slut. I’ve contracted an STD…twice…crabs and gonorrhea (both from women). I have my own personal list of do’s and don’ts. I’m not going to tell you what to do and what not to do. But if you value your health and love your wife, you’ll learn about STD’s and practice safe sex. Thus endeth the sermon.


  4. Hey man. I love the evolution of your writing! That first part was like a porn story and got me hard as a rock!

    As for poppers, I dont' know what the fascination is. I've tried them once or twice, and I don't get it, but some guys are really into them.

    Maybe the guy put his popper liquid in a nail polish remover bottle in case his wife were to find it....I don't know.

    If it is acetone, then YIKES! That doesn't sound good.

    I do agree with the other commenters though, play it safe and be careful and educate yourself.

  5. As usual, Rugby's advice is right on target. Another serious disease that is often overlooked is hepatitis B which can occur from oral sex (body fluids). A simple hepatitis shot can prevent this and I hight recommend it for anyone practicing oral sex with anyone other than a trusted partner ie wife. Shots should be available local health clinic or your private doctor. Health clinic probably a better choice for privacy. Hell Jay,if we keep this up, you won't have sex at all.LOL. hal

  6. Jay, Ruggy knows what he is talking about, I'm sure. We love you too much to let you do anything risky! Just be super safe, and like Ruggy said, if you want to try that stuff, get your own. Don't try someone else's that you don't know. You know you must be safe, Jay. Your wife is too important! You're a smart guy, I know you'll be careful.


  7. Yeah, I have no intention of ever trying poppers. Sex with men is exciting and new and fun, certainly enough for me. I don't need chemical help. But, yeah, if I ever change my mind, I will be sure to get my own. I've seen first hand what can happen to someone who takes a drug without really knowing what it is.

    But I am confused. I looked around online, following rugby's advice. I understand the difference between amyl nitrate and acetone. I distinctly remember the bottle this guy had saying "Nail Polish Remover", but below that it also said "Amyl Nitrate". I looked at a bunch of different brands and bottles online, and I couldn't find a match. It was a small brown bottle with a silver label and black writing. It said "Something's" Nail Polish remover. I can't remember what the "Something's" was. But my best guess is that this stuff was actually amyl nitrate but it was labeled to look like nail polish remover, you know, all stealth like.

    Either way, I think I'm taking a break from this for awhile. Or, at the very least, a break from this guy. I am gonna go get myself checked out, and learn what I need to learn. I thought I knew about STDs. In High School, I was part of the group that went around teaching others about STDs, and specifically HIV. But it looks like all I remembered was what I knew about HIV. I haven't had to think about this stuff for a long time, being married and faithful. I didn't realize how much I had forgotten.

  8. Jay,
    Start here if you want information about STDs from a reliable source:
    But don't stop there. Local public health departments will see the emerging diseases and will be the first to see the diseases that are becoming drug resistant. A big part of the problem with all communicable disease treatment and epidemiology is that people stop treatment before the disease had been irradicated from their system and/or they get innoculated from a multiple  strains of bug (HIV-that's why even two poz people shouldn't bareback) which can cause drug resistance.

    There are a whole host of STDs you need to be aware of and how they affect both men and women as you are partnering with both. Diseases that are very symptomatic in men (gonorrhea) often cause no or very minor symptoms in women (which explains why women often pass it on--they never know they have it unless a partner informs them or they have a serious complication).And remember, this does not just have to be genital/genital contact. You can pass and contract STDs from oral sex as well

  9. Jay, when you described that bottle, it sounds like something I have seen at my nail shop. It is the stuff that they use to remove an acrylic nail. I cannot imagine sniffing that - that would be crazy!


  10. Hep B shots. Isn't there a time when you are to old to get those shots?
    I've known college kids who get a tattoo and they have told me that they are required to have b and c shots now.

  11. Definitely get a Hep B shot. It's easy to catch, but hard to get rid of. Hep C is really only a danger for drug users.

  12. Jay, Rugby's right on with everything he said. I got gonorrhea (twice), crabs, and hepatitis B from fooling around, and I put my wife at risk with each one. (She had to get shots for the clap, shaved for the crabs, and prophylactic gamma globulin injections to prevent hepatitis B, which fortunately she didn't contract). I've stayed married and retreated back to the closet; I know (from personal experience) that it's fun doing all this stuff, but it's REALLY unfair to your wife if you intend to stay married. However, I must admit that I LOVE poppers and I use them when I jerk off; I mix them up at home from a formula I found in a chemistry book in the 1970s. In order to make their sale legal and non-controversial, they were often marketed as "head cleaners" when VHS tape players were common. I imagine the "nail polish" label is along the lines of "head cleaner."

  13. Anon at 12:39pm,
    I'm sure your physician has told you that having contracted Hep B puts you at significantly increased risk for medical problems years later including a risk of liver cancer. In fact, liver disease resulting from hepatitis, is one of the leading reasons for liver transplants after tylenol toxicity. Make sure you are checked regularly and have them check your liver function tests...Depending on your age, they may not do LFTs routinely. Don't let them forget.

  14. heya!
    if the guy is married - then maybe he doesn't wanna risk anyone finding a bottle of poppers/amyl in the house - and so he's just decanted one into a nail polish remover bottle so it looks innocuous?
    he could just squirrel it away somewhere afterwards - and even if it does get found - it'll just seem like nail polish remover - no biggie! -
    unless someone starts trying to actually remove nail polish with it!
    even then, they may think it;s just gone "off" 'cos it's too old or something?
    just a thought...
    one guy i knew - also bi and married -used to order a few bottles of amyl at a time from his supplier - and would leave hem in his sock drawer! i was AMAZED he never seemed to get sprung. Others I know leave it in their toolbox or in the trunk of the car - or in the spare tyre bay - and I'm always sure someone's gonna find the little brown bottle there someday and it'll take some serious explaining...