Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I recently went on a family vacation, to a little known event called Comic-Con in San Diego.  Hey, nerds and geeks are hot too!

The timing of all this was perfect, having had my first sexual encounter with a man just a week before.  With finally opening that door and walking through, I fantasized about all the hot hookups I was going to have.  Yeah, I wasn't going alone, but the very nature of the event meant that we'd break off from each other and do our own thing.  We each had specific things we were there to see.  One of the things on my list wasn't an official Comic-Con event.

Having finally overcome my fear and hooked up with a guy meant that I could easily do it again, right?  The second time is never as hard as the first.  I was told that hundreds of thousands of people show up for this every year.  Just by numbers alone, I knew there had to be more than one guy for me.  I had my trusty smartphone with me, loaded up with Grindr and Craigslist, I was all set.

Things changed very quickly when I arrived.  Hundreds of thousands of people?  Do you know what that looks like, when you have that many people in one area?  I did.  I've been to Time Square on New Year's Eve, so I figured this was nothing.  But it was crazy insane!  In Time Square, the majority of the people aren't moving around, they aren't rushing to get here or to get there.  They arrive, find there spot, wait till midnight, then leave.  San Diego was definitely not that.  I think I heard something like 130,000 registrants.  That's 130,000 people running to get to the next event or panel, waiting in line, crowding the main exhibit hall.  I had no idea!  I had a blast!

But hookup? No.  I barely even had a chance to turn on Grindr, let alone chat some guy up.  We had way too much to do, and too much to see.  I got to meet a few celebs that I really like, including Kevin Smith, Joss Whedon, Ryan Kwanten, Alexander Skarsgård.  See a bunch of really cool costumes.  I am a people watcher by nature, so you can imagine I had plenty to look at.

If you've never been, I highly recommend it.  I would definitely do it again, even without the prospect of sex.


  1. Jay- Can you imagine this world and this life without the creative industries??? Glad you had a good time. Nothing like re-charging and getting juiced-up around everything inspirational.

  2. So which closet is scarier to come out of, the "I like dick" closet, or the "I'm a comic nerd" closet?

    Hahahaha. Good job. I can't wait to hear about your second conquest.


  3. Ha ha, Jack. I've ben an out and proud.... Nerd, for long time now. :p

  4. are you losing interest already? or just very busy? talk to us...tell us what's going on. it's going to take a while till you figure out how many posts you can manage given the everyday demands on your time. every post can't be a new adventure unless you make blogging a full-time job. but talk to us. we'll be patient. just don't go MIA.

  5. I follow your blog, and I see this in my blog list:

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    18 hours ago

    But there is no new post. Did you try to make a new post with some fancy droid device?

  6. Don't worry rugby, I haven't lost interest yet! lol. Don't think that I ever will. The decrease in blog posts is the result of a lack of time, and lack of cohesion in my thoughts. But rest assured, I'm not going anywhere.

    Anon, lol, yeah. I did download a new android app, and it immediately published a blank post. I deleted it in minutes. Reader is just too fast for me!