Thursday, December 26, 2019

Father/Son Fetish

I'm not sure how this post will be received, but a recent exchange with a newfound friend has emboldened me to write it. I won't know if I'll actually post it until it's done.

I've been fixated, lately, on the taboo subject of father/son nudity and incest. It all started with a chat I having with a complete stranger on a hookup app. The guy's profile name described him as a Dad, and the details revealed that he was heavily into exhibitionism and voyeurism. Loyal readers of my blog know that I share those interests. We're chatting, exchanging the normal pleasantries and interests. He mentions that he's been to a nearby nude beach, and I'm riveted. He's sharing about some of his experiences, and I'm drinking it all down like a cool glass of water.

The conversation shifts to the fact that we're both dads, that we both have sons. I don't know how we got on this subject, but I start sharing my desire to ensure that my son develops a healthy love and respect for his body without shame, and my desire to always be open and honest with him about anything. Whkattk from Big Whack Attack would be proud. I talk about how proud I am of my son. About how we are not ashamed to be nude in our home. And about how I look forward to all of those conversations that so many other parents I know dread.

Exhibitionist Daddy echos my feelings. He explains how they are pretty much nudists at home. His son is older than mine, and he shares how they have already began having those types of conversations. In his home, they take it a step further than mine where they're pretty much always naked. In my home, we sleep naked and we don't shy away from each other when getting ready for bed, getting up in the morning, showering dressing, etc. But, we don't hang out nude just because.

The conversation is all innocent enough.

Eventually, it shifts back to being sexual. We talk about enjoying the same bathhouse. About what we might do to each other at said bathhouse. I tell him I'd love to have him suck my cock while I motion other guys to come up and fuck him. And he's loving it. He's talk about how much he likes group action in the video room. Then he says that he'd love to have me come to the house. We could hang out naked on the deck in the sun, have some fun, drink some drinks, etc. All of this is enticing. He lives further away than what would make this an actual possibility, but I'm enjoying the fantasy. "Naked Saturday" he calls it.

He adds, "Three of us in the buff". That's when it dawns on me that it wouldn't be just the two of us. He's suggesting that I come hang out with him and his son, for "Naked Saturday". His son has not reached the age of consent.

My heart starts racing.

I have doubts about my assumptions, so I play along and ask, "Me, you, and your son?". "Yeah", he replies, "Or in shorts". I press on, "Does that ever get awkward? Having company hang out in the buff along with your son?". I add something about how I am not judging, just trying to understand. His reply was that he had two guys hang out before and that it was great. And he tells me to say or ask whatever I want, no judgement taken.

"What do you do when it gets sexual?" I ask.
"Go to my room", he answers.
"I think I'd be hard the entire time and not doing a good job resisting the urge to grab your cock", I add.
"We all would be." He replies.

I missed the text where he asks, "Would you want to be in the open?", and when I read it, my heart starts pounding in my chest and I'm getting flush.

All of this is taking place while I am sitting at my desk at work, by the way.

"What do you mean by 'Would you wanna be in the open'?" I ask.
"Play with me in the living room", he answers.
"With your son in the room?"
"The idea is exciting, but is also on the edge of taboo."

He backs off then, says that we should meet at the bathhouse so that I can feed him my cum. I, immediately, regret my text. I didn't want the conversation to end yet. I haven't had this kind of tingly feeling in a long time, but I really don't know what it means.

"Ah, but I have so many questions now!" I reply. He eggs me on, so I start to ask. He explains that a buddy of his hung out at his house, the buddy started to blow the dad, and the son left to his room. I ask if the son watched before he left. But, before he answered that question he tells me that the 2nd guy hit it off with his son, and the son gave this guy head. Then he answered my question, yes, the son watched the first guy blow the dad.

"We're you concerned about him being too young?", I asked.

"He calls his own shots", he replied simply. So I asked for more details. He watched his son blow the 2nd buddy, and he's watched his son jack off on other occasions. I asked if the two guys were hanging out at the same time, and he said no, it was on two different occasions. I asked if, on the second occasion where he watched the son blow the buddy, did he play with the buddy too? He did.

I ask if they jack off together often. If the son likes watching the dad jack off. If I am asking too many questions. "Not too often, yes, no", he replies.

I'm surprised by how excited I am by this conversation. I'm surprised by how turned on I am, by how rock hard I am, which chatting with this guy about him and his son. I tried to ask if it was actually a threesome, and his answered seemed to imply it was not. I ask how turned on he got by having his son watching a guy blow him. He said he was, and by seeing [his son] totally aroused and stroking himself through it. The son has also watched the dad blow a guy. But, apparently, they haven't crossed the threshold of watching each other fuck.

That's when he says it would be hot for me to fuck him while his son watched. My dick is straining my jeans, and I have to keep adjusting myself in my seat.

The conversations starts to fizzle when I don't immediately answer yes to his question of would i let the son suck me off. I ask more about the son's sexuality (bi) and his (more gay than bi). I ask about conversations he's had with his son about sexual activity outside of their shared experiences. They seem to have an extremely open and close relationship. Duh. We talk a bit more about one day meeting up at the bathhouse and what would happen. Then, like other unfulfilled chats on sex apps, the conversation stops.

For me though, that was just the beginning of weeks of deep thought and exploration.

As I said, I was taken off guard by my own reaction to this scenario. I am not into younger. Sure, the guys in the photos that I post to this site are almost always younger than me, I'll admit that. I wouldn't categorize any of them as 'jail bate' though. The thought of having sex with anyone near the age of consent, or under, is a turn off.

Now, exhibitionism, yes. I am definitely a fan! Voyeurism, hell yeah! So, I'm thinking that is why I got so turned on by the idea of having this Dad type suck me off while his son watched.

I also can't deny the taboo aspect of it, and maybe that is why I reacted the way I did. Later on, I mentioned to my newfound friend that the way my heart pounded in my chest doesn't happen to me very often, at least not sexually. It happened the first couple of times I had sex with a girl. And, much later in life as some of you have read, it happened the first time I had sex with a guy. So, that is why I got so turned on by this idea.

I was chatting with another buddy on Scruff. This guy I hadn't met in person, yet, but plan to. And a day or two after my interaction with Exhibitionist Dad, we were have a conversation. Somehow it turned to erotica. I love reading erotica, and I've written a little myself, aside from recounting my experiences here. He shared with me some of what he's written, and the main motif is obvious; incest.

His works are fiction, but they centered around teenage brothers playing together. What a coincidence this timing, and I'm reminded of the 'red car' phenomenon. I asked some questions about it, and we started chatting about father/son incest. He shares with me that a son 16 years old or older is fair play, in his view. At that age, boys are only thinking about sex. And if, say when a father is having the birds and the bees conversation, the son shows interest in experimenting, why not?

So that get's me thinking about fathers and sons. I'd be lying if I tried to convince any of you that I never thought about my own father in that way. I grew up in a split home, around almost all women and girls. I didn't live with my father during my sexually formative teen years when I started noticing my attraction to men. But I did visit and I spent summers with him, and he was really the only male in my life. It was not uncommon to see my father or his girlfriend naked, having lived with him when I was younger and, like myself today, he felt no shame or necessity to cover up. My Dad could have easily been described as a hippie. Added to that, I had also seen him have sex. The way our house was laid out, I had a clear view into my father's bedroom from my own. There were plenty of times that I would be awoken in the middle of the night by noises, and both our bedroom doors would be open, and I could see all. This was before I reached double digits in age. And, for a time, I was obsessed in trying to see all that I could.

Fast forward to my formative teen years, I went out of my way to try to catch my dad naked, and to try to catch him in sexual situations. I also regularly raided his porn stash. I even found a gay porn magazine at one point, a nice one with all high gloss pages showing two men fucking in a locker room that is permanently burned into my memory banks. Top Man, if I remember correctly, but I could never prove it belonged to my dad. Some of his stash obviously belonged to his girlfriend (different girlfriend than from earlier).

So, yeah, I've had sexual fantasies involving my dad. I can't say that I necessarily fantasized about having sex with my father, maybe I did. I definitely fantasized about watching my father having sex, about jacking off with my father, about having my father watch me have sex. I would have loved to have received that kind of sexual education. Did I just discover the root of my exhibitionism and voyeurism?

Oddly, though, my dad never attempted to have the 'sex' talk with me. It certainly would have been nice to be able to talk to someone about it. I don't think I ever would have admitted my attraction to men. But, who knows, especially if he admitted the same. That is a question I would love to ask him now, if he were still with us.

So, now, I've got father/son incest on the brain. I start seeking out erotica and porn showing these situations. I'm both surprised/not surprised by how much incest porn I am able to find so quickly. Apparently, it is a popular fetish, and I had no idea; Father/son, Uncle/Nephew, Brother/Brother, etc. I am starting to think it is a much more mainstream than I had ever imagined. I mean, yeah, I knew that being into "daddy" types was common. I guess I just never gave it much more thought that. I think that is why the conversation with the other dad was so exciting, not the part where it involved a minor. The porn and erotica that I've been enjoying have involved consenting adults. I've come across stories involving minors, and, thankfully, those have been a turn off and each time I quickly move on to something else. Also, thankfully, none of these feelings have transferred to my own son in any way.

I don't really know where I was going when I started this post. I think I just needed to write it and get it out of my brain. I am curious on your thoughts on the subject.Would you care to share your reactions, good or bad?

Thursday, March 14, 2019


If you are curious if my slut phase ended, it didn't, obviously. I have a lot of stories over the years since I regularly blogged, maybe I will still write about them yet. I've wanted to write about this experience I had two months ago, the threesome.

I was feeling particularly horny one day at work. I sent a quick message to a new buddy that worked nearby to see what he was up to. After a couple of messages of "Hey", "How are you?", "I'm good, you", etc, I asked if he was free for lunch. He messaged back that he had an idea.

He knew a guy that lived close by that wanted to play, and that guy wanted both of us to come over. I asked a few details about this new stranger, and I'll just say that he was not my type. But, I really enjoyed the last interaction with my new buddy. Let's call him Jeremy. Jeremy is tall, bearded, typical bear, early thirties, and was a great kisser with a talented mouth. This new stranger is shorter and best described as a twink. I mentioned that I was horny, right? I needed some man on man action, so I was game. We set a time, he gave me an address, and our plan was set.

I did not have any communication with this new stranger, let's call him Bruce. So, when I arrived at the apartment complex, no way was I going inside without Jeremy. Jeremy took a little longer to get there, so I waited patiently in my car, trying to keep my nerves under check. When Jeremy arrived, I greeted him at his car and we both nervously walked in together. This is when I learned that Jeremy had only been here once before. He wasn't even exactly sure where he was going.

We found the right apartment. The door was unlocked as planned, Jeremy walked in and I followed. The next couple of minutes were about as awkward as it could get. Bruce was sitting on his couch in his underwear. He is an Asian man in his either late thirties or early forties, a little thicker than your typical twink. English was not his first language, which in itself doesn't bother me but I have a terrible ear for accents. We walked into the living room, and I kind of look at Jeremy with an unspoken question of "What now?" He seemed to know what I'm thinking, but just shrugged and began taking off his clothing. Alright, I'm in it now, might as well see it through. I took off my shoes, emptied by pockets onto a near by counter, and sat down next to Bruce on the couch, or I think it was futon. Bruce had shed his underwear in the meantime, and was naked next to me. I reached out for his cock and began to stroke it. Jeremy walked over, with only his jeans on, kneeled on the floor in front of Bruce and took his cock into his mouth. Bruce reached for my groin, and started to remove the rest of my clothes.

Once all three of us were naked, all my hang ups were gone. We rotated through sucking each cock. Me on Bruce, Jeremy on me, me on Jeremy, Jeremy on Bruce, Bruce on me, etc. It was bliss. At one point, I was on my knees on the floor in front of Bruce sucking his cock, and Jeremy laid down on the floor in front of my to suck mine. At another point, Jeremy was sucking Bruce's cock, and I squeezed in and began licking the base. When we were both sucking Bruce's cock, lying side by side grinding our groins into each other, we took the opportunity to make out at the same time. That was the hottest moment for me. Both of us with our hunger for cock, but with our passion of kissing one another, it was almost primal.

Jeremy came first. When he was close, I think he got up and walked over to the kitchen near by and stroked off into the sink. I was on the under side of the 69 position with Bruce, so I had a hard time seeing where Jeremy went. Bruce was pumping his cock into my mouth, as I reached around and play with his hole with my fingers. I was able to peer through Bruce's legs enough to see Jeremy start to get dressed. That bummed me out, I didn't want to see him go. But I was close to cumming myself, and wasn't able to pay much attention to anything else at the moment. When I was nearing the point of no return, I pulled Bruce off my cock and jacked it for a bit. It wasn't long before streams of cum landed all over my chest. Then Bruce, still straddling my face, pulled out of my mouth and jerked his cock off. I licked and sucked on his balls as he did so. Soon he was adding his cum to mine.

After a couple of breaths, I looked around and saw that Jeremy was gone. I got up, and excused myself to the bathroom to clean up. Then came the awkward aftermath, made worse by the fact that I had a hard time understanding Bruce. As I got dressed I answered a couple of benign questions and said my pleasantries. Then I excused myself and left.  The whole experience was maybe 30 minutes. I was hoping that at least Jeremy was waiting outside, but no. I actually chuckled to myself. The moments after a random hookup are always awkward. Hell, it doesn't matter who your with, if you try to leave immediately after sex, it's awkward. Apparently, Jeremy couldn't, or just didn't want to, face that. The fact that Bruce's cock was down my throat made his escape easy.

We messaged each other the next day, and he told me that the moment we were both sharing Bruce's cock was the hottest part for him as well.  Since then, Jeremy has been somewhat elusive, and I've been doing my best not to appear clingy or needy, even though I think about his cock sliding down my throat fairly regularly.  We did ran into each other once, about a week or two later, when I was eating lunch at a near by park, which resulted in my eating a little more than just my lunch.  I was able to suck him off in the restroom.  This time, when he was getting close to cumming and tried to pull of away from him, I wasn't having it.  I held on until his warm cum filled my mouth.  He seemed extremely appreciative of that, kept smiling all through the awkward clean up and us saying our "see ya later"s.  I hope to see again soon.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Sore For Days: Full Story

So Slut Phase Victim #4 and kept in very loose contact over the years.  We'd send a random text message out of the blue, the other would respond with something like, "We should hang out", and we'd agree.  But nothing would come of it.

Two weeks ago, I got another such text.  "We should hang out." This guy always excites me.  If you read about my first encounter, you know he's the only guy I'm met that is taller than me.  But more than that, I've always got the sense that he is a genuinely nice guy.  And, he enjoys kissing as much as I do.

I get this text, and I'm thinking that I really want to hang out with him.  He suggests grabbing a bite to eat, having a drink, or playing.  I was actually free that very day, but I felt trying to pull that off would have been sloppy. I suggested that we meet one evening the next week.  Now, I had know idea how I was going to pull that off and still fly under the radar.  But, I didn't wanted to let this guy get away again.  Anyways, he agreed, and we had a date planned.

As the day got closer, I began working on how to pull this off. Coincidentally, a friend of mine from out of town told me he was going to be in town that same night.  I agreed to dinner, but in the back of my head I knew he'd cancel.  Or, I could always cancel on him.  He did cancel, so I was left with an entirely plausible alibi and a free evening.

So I text Darren, Victim #4, and we make plans to meet for dinner.  During dinner, we had a nice conversation and some good food.  I confirmed my belief that he was a really nice guy.  He opened up about his life, asked me genuine questions about mine.  He even sought out my advice.  At one point, he got up to use the restroom, and I was reminded again of his height. As a tall guy, it is very strange and sometimes intimidating to be around people my height.  This time, it was a total turn on.

As dinner began to wind down, and begin thinking forward to what was next.  Prior to meeting, he had suggested the possibility of getting drinks.  I was hoping for something different, but also I appreciated the friendship we were forming and wanted to preserve that.  When he asked what I wanted to do, I threw the ball back in his court.  He threw out some suggestions, and when he suggested going back to his place, I jumped at that chance.

I followed him back, and convinced myself on the way to be happy if all we did was sit and chat. He moved since last time, so I had to wait for him to lead me in just like before.  His place was immaculate, like I expected.  But what was different this time was that he lead me straight to his bedroom.  Within minutes we had our shoes and jackets off and were making out.  And damn, he could kiss.  We were rolling around on the bed before I knew it.

When I finally got his cock out of his pants, I was amazed.  I mean, I'd seen it before, but Damn. It was rock solid, which I am discovering is more rare than normal, and it was huge!  I engulfed it, and inhaled his sweet aroma.  I feel like I could have spent eternity doing only that, sucking on his sweet, rock hard, silky smooth cock.  I choked on it more than a few times, but stayed determined.

As we moved around, switched positions, me lying on top of him, him lying on top of me, 69'ing, I was again appreciative and impressed by his height.  I love to cuddle.  I love bear hugs, tight bear hugs.  Darren obviously loved them too.  And it soon became clear to me what else Darren loved, as he took every opportunity he could to squeeze my ass, and slide a finger or two over my hole.  At one point, I was on my back and he was sitting in between my legs, and I could feel his cock throb in my crack as he slowly slid it up and down.  I loved that feeling.  But, I wasn't sure about where this was going.  I call myself vers, but I am not very experienced. And, as I said, he was huge.  The last guy I let back there was just a little smaller than I was.  I refused to let it get too much in my head though.  I was determined to enjoy the moment.  We "wrestled", sucked, kissed, hugged for an undetermined amount of time.

He was getting more and more amp'd up, as was I.  He was sitting between my legs again, having spend the last few moments sucking on my cock and rimming my ass.  His cock was pushing against my hole, and he was leaning over with his mouth on my mouth.  I had my arms and legs wrapped around him; if he tried to pull away he would have lifted me up with him.  I was hungry for him.  And it's fair to say my hole was hungry for him as well.  I think he was trying to restrain himself, but was loosing that restraint.  He pulled free, pulled one of my legs over his head so that I was now lying on my side, then he lined himself up, still between my legs, with my hole.  He paused long enough for a condom and a little lube, then pushed his cock head against my hole again.

I was still hesitant, but not willing to stop him.  I figured, if I am not prepared enough, I will soon find out.  He took it slow, which put me at ease.  But my hole still burned as he slowly pushed himself inside of me.  I buried my face in pillows, and let out a few little whimpers.  I wouldn't have stopped him for the world at that point.

I'm not sure how much time passed before he was smoothly sliding his cock all the way in and out or me.  Twice or three times, I squeezed at the wrong moment and pushed him out. With ease, he found his way back in.  I can't say that the burning ever really stopped, nor did my fear of an "accident".  There was, however, a level of bliss that I didn't experience in either of my previous bottoming attempts.  His grunts and moans told him he was enjoying himself too.  Then he announced, "I'm going to cum", as he started to really pound my ass hard.

He collapsed on top of me when he finally exploded.  I enjoyed the weight of him, and the feeling of his cock pulse and slowly retreat.  When he slid out, I twisted myself around underneath him and he turned his attention to my cock. It sprung back to life, and a combination of me stroking myself, him stroking me, and his tongue on my tip soon had me cumming.

After cleaning up a little, we just lied there in each other's arms for awhile.  I felt myself start to doze off, when I forced myself to get up and get dressed.  It has been almost two hours since we arrived at his house, and it was passed time for me to go home. 

We've texted and chatted daily since, and I'm making plans to meet up with him again.  And, you already know, I enjoyed the experience so much I just had to write about it.

Friday, February 8, 2019

Sore for Days

Earlier this week my wish came true, I got another chance at Slut Phase Victim #4.  I can't wait to tell you about it....

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

So Long, Farewell...

I've actually been thinking, for a while now, that it's time to officially close my blog.  I love the community, I loved sharing my experiences along the way, and I love the friendships that have come out of it.  But, I haven't updated it since last July.  And the reality is that I probably won't.  Partially because I simply do not set aside enough time to do so.  And, partially because I run out of things to say.

Now that Blogger is changing their policies, I know longer have to stress over it.  They will close my blog for me, effective March 23rd.  It won't go away, I won't take it down.  It is a part of me, my journal for the last few years, and I'll keep it as long as possible.  (And back it up for beyond the possible)  But I'm not going to take the time to remove all the lovely photos, and I'm not going to take the time to move my blog to another provider.

If you really want to keep access to my blog, send me your email and I will invite you.  If you want to keep in touch, send me your email and I'll write you.  My email will, of course, stay active.

So long farewell, auf weidersehen good-bye
I hate to go and leave this pretty sight
So long farewell, auf weidersehen adieu
Adieu, adieu, to you and you and you
So long farewell, au revior auf weidersehen
I'd like to stay and taste my first champagne
So long farewell, auf weidersehen goodnight
I leave and heave a sigh and say good bye
I'm glad... to go.... I cannot tell a lie
I fleet, I float, I fleetly flee I fly...
Thank you, all of you, and you know who you are, for the companionship along the way.