Friday, March 21, 2014

Slut Phase Victim #3: The All-Nighter

I woke up at one point in the night, covered in sweat, and feeling the need to break away from the source of the heat. He was snoring behind me, spooning me, snuggle up close and when I remembered where I was I no longer minded. And when I felt his cock nestled up against my ass, I pushed back a little and enjoyed the company. I had never met this man before, and it was this night that had me firmly convinced I had indeed turned into a slut. We'd chatted a few times on Scruff. He came off as a nice guy. He was fully out, openly gay and unattached. He had blonde hair with blue eyes. Somewhat hairy. Almost a foot shorter than me. I knew I wanted to hook up with him almost immediately, but neither of us could host. Me, for obvious reasons. Him, because he was somewhat new to the area and was living with family. On the second night chatting with him, he mentioned going out of town for work in another week or so. And, if I really wanted to hook up, I should meet him, and spend the night in his hotel room. This wasn't a possibility; my situation doesn't lend itself to taking off for a night without much explanation or cause. However, as luck would have, over the next couple of days things started lining up to where I would actually need to be in the same town at the same time. It's as almost as if fate wanted us to meet. LOL. Admittedly, the idea of spending an entire night with a stranger is a bit scary. I could be brave, because I would have my own hotel room to escape too if needed. When I asked if he was serious about inviting me, he hesitated, understandably. Ultimately, obviously, he agreed. I think that part of his hesitation was actually due to me being married and closeted. I showed up at his hotel pretty late, after 9. I drove up after work, and after taking care of a few other errands. My work commitments were for the next day, while he had already been there a couple of days. When I arrived, things were a bit tenuous and nervous at first. After all, aside from texting one another and sending pics of ourselves, we'd never met. He invited me in, I lay down on his bed, fully dressed, while he was in boxers and a T, and we talked. We talked for a good hour, and got comfortable. Then he invited me to get undressed and to get into bed. I undressed down to my own boxers and T-shirt, and got under the covers. We talked for a bit more, after he had turned out the light, and he was cuddling up on me. Things progressed pretty quickly from there. He had my shirt off, kept rubbing my chest and shoulders. I pulled his shirt off and was rubbing his back while pulling him down on top of me. I could feel his rock solid cock pushing against my lower stomach. And we kissed.
I don't think the kissing stopped much during the activities of the night. Except, that I had his cock in my mouth for a good while, and he had mine in his for almost as long. We both worked up a serious sweat, rolling back and forth to him being on top, than me, than him, and so on. I learned that I liked to bite his nipples, though I honestly couldn't tell you if that did anything for him. I also learned that I loved sucking on his cock. My skills still need work, but they're improving. What he really wanted to do was to slide his cock up and down the crack of my ass, which I gladly agreed to. The next 15 to 20 minutes reminded me of the dream I had about being taken from behind, the one that I wrote about here. I was lying on my stomach, he was laying on top of me. I loved the feel of all of his weight. He slid his cock back and forth across my hole. At times, it felt as though it might just pop right in. At times his hands were on my back or shoulders, holding himself up. And at another he'd collapse on top of me and just his hips would hump into me.
When he got close, he jumped up on his knees and began stroking himself. I thought about turning over so that he could cum on my chest, but thought better of it. He came all over my ass. After his orgasm subsided, he grabbed a towel and cleaned me up. I flipped over and began stroking myself while he sucked on my balls. It wasn't long before I was spurting all over my chest. Once the first wave passed, he moved my hand away and swallowed my cock. I was so sensitive, it almost felt like I had just cum a second time.
We both collapsed into bed. I used the same towel to clean myself up again. It was long before we both passed out. I woke up several times throughout the night. Once, I was the big spoon, with my cock firmly nuzzled between his cheeks. Another, just as my story began, he was nuzzling me. I had to get up and out early the next morning. But that didn't stop us from having some more fun. After a lot of kissing and wrestling, he both settled on our backs, butt to butt, with our balls smashed against each other and our legs tangled in the other. I was stroking my cock was my other hand was tugging on his balls and massage anything I could reach. He was stroking his cock while staring at me and using one his hands to hold up one of my legs. My orgasm came quickly, and my cum shot straight into the air and splattered over the both of us. His came a little slower, but put my own to shame. At that point, I was running late. I quickly hopped into the shower, then got dressed and ran a comb through my hair. Maybe only 5 minutes passed between jumping out of bed and walking out the door. The whole time he stayed naked, walking around the room, carrying on with the conversation. If I could have, I would have called in sick, dropped to my knees, and swallowed his cock. But I had to go. I grabbed his ass as we kissed goodbye, and took off. This rendezvous occurred about a month and a half ago. Since then, I've hooked up with this guy two or three more times. I'll call him Nate (Or Slut Victim #3) from here on out, and perhaps this can become a regular thing. Who knows.