Friday, May 17, 2013

Imagination Unrestricted by Reality

I have this recurring fantasy that takes over every time I lie down.  Well, not every time, just when I lie down on my stomach, in the nude, which is my preferred way to sleep.  I lie down, naked, with my arms slid under the only pillow.  I have one leg stretched out straight, and the other pull up so that my weight is shifted slightly to one side and my ass checks are spread slightly.  Every time I do this, the same fantasy takes hold.

First, I feel pressure on my shoulders as two oiled up hands begin to massage my muscles.  My arms are raised above my head, so my shoulder muscles are flexed.  The two hands begin to knead those muscles, and I begin to realize how tense I was.  Then I feel weight on my ass and lower back as the owner of the two hands lays his body on top of mine.  As he does so, he straightens out the one leg that I had pulled up.  So now I laying even on my chest and stomach, with his full weight pressing on top of me.  I don't care, I am enjoying the immense pleasure his hands are giving my shoulders and back.  I realize, slowly, that there is something trapped between my ass cheeks.  He'd managed to rest his hard cock along my crack before pushing my leg down.  Now his cock is resting snugly there, like a hot dog in a bun.  My own cock begins to come to life, pressed firmly between my pelvis and the bed sheets.  Without thought, I begin to grind my cock slowly into the bed, at the same time tightening the grip my "buns" have on his "meat".

Still, I don't care.  I haven't even given a thought as to who the man is, or what my wife who is almost always lying next to me might be thinking right about now.  I don't care, the bliss I am feeling from his tender but firm massage is like a drug.  His hands have slowly explored my shoulders, my neck, all of my back.  It is as if I have never known the touch of another human being before.  All I care about is his hands, all I could wish for would be another pair.

Even the best drugs eventually wear off.  Fortunately, when some semblance of consciousness returned during the massage, it was met with the equally pleasurable feeling of his hips slowly grinding against my ass.  His motion forced my own hips to grind harder into the firm bed.  His cock was rock hard, sliding up and down inside my crack.  I still don't know who this is, nor do I care.  I can tell that was more endowed than the average man.  I can tell that his cock is as oiled up as his hands were when we began.  My own cock is pulsing, sending shivers up to my skulls and down to my toes with the rhythm of our hips.

His hands take a stationary position on my shoulder blades as he leans in close.  I can feel his breath on my neck and just behind my ear.  He leans in closer and I can feel the stubble of his chin rub against my skin.  He whispered into my ear something soft, something that I could not quite make out.  I asked what he said as I felt his hips raise up slightly.  He repeated himself, still softly, into my ear, "Hang on to something, I am going to FUCK you now!"

With that, his cock found my hole and slid inside with one masterful stroke.  I quickly grabbed the sheets with my hands, and bit the pillow to stifle the scream.  I didn't care if my wife was really lying next to me, but something in me didn't want to cry out.  I felt something between a loss of consciousness, sharp pain, and immense pleasure all at the same time.  I was both ready, and completely unprepared at the same time.  He slid is cock into my ass, to the hilt.  Paused for a brief moment as he and I both caught our breath, then began his assault.  One hand he slid under me and grabbed by pec.  The other he moved to support himself on the bed.  He picked up his pace, increasing speed with each insertion.  I'm still biting the pillow, and I've pulled the fitted sheet away from the corner of the bed.  The pain subside, and a wave of ecstasy overwhelms me as he finds his pace and rhythm.

I couldn't say how long this lasts.  I always snap out of it before he finishes.  I come back to reality, realize that my wife is lying there next to me as if nothing happened.  Although I am sure that she has noticed my grinding my hips on more than one occasion.  Sometimes, I get up and "nonchalantly" excuse myself to the bathroom to relieve some pressure.  Other times, more often than not, I re-enact the scene.  Only this time for real, and this time I am the man on top.

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  1. Wow, hot! I'm gonna go and relieve some pressure.