Friday, May 24, 2013

Bathhouse {IUbR}

He rounded the corner and saw his destination, an unmarked, unassuming, building hidden away off the main street.  His heart was pounding in his chest as he made his way down the street.  He still wasn't entirely sure he was going inside.  When he set off on this stroll, he was determined.  But along the way he started to waiver, he told himself that he would just walk by and check things out and then he would decide what he would do.  He kept walking towards the building.  Now he was nervously looking around, looking over his shoulder, to see who was watching him.  He knew that everyone on the street, everyone in the neighboring houses and passing cars were all watching him.  They were all waiting for him to turn up the little cement walkway in front of the building, waiting to see if he was another customer, so that they all could point and whisper.

He arrived in this town earlier that afternoon.  It was a business trip.  He had spent the first part of the day with one coworker in another town; then came here for the night so that he could spend tomorrow with a different coworker.  We he arrived, he had no intention of going out or hooking up.  He had no plans beyond dinner.  But after he had checked into his hotel room and settled in a bit, he couldn't resist the temptation to jump online to see what might be going on in this town, the biggest little city in the world.

On, he came across a listing for a bathhouse.  It was advertised as the oldest bathhouse in the country.  He'd never been to a bathhouse before, and was more than intrigued.  He'd thought a lot about visiting one closer to home, but never found the time or the guts.  So, while sitting in his hotel room, he started to suck up every little bit of information he could get on this place.  He read reviews, every one of which said the reviewer had had a great time.  He read blog posts and news articles.  Everything thing he found told his that this was a safe and friendly place to visit.  So he made up his mind, and hopped in the shower.

Now he was standing out front.  There were no signs, nothing to tell the world that this was a bathhouse.  Nothing that said, "Hey look everybody, sex is going on in here!"  He only knew it was the right place because of the address and the photos posted online.  He wanted desperately to go inside, but couldn't bring himself to take the next step.  He just stood there, heart pounding, cock growing, and a few beads of sweat running down his forehead.  A car went by on the street behind him, and he suddenly realized that he was standing out on the sidewalk for everyone to see.  He either had to turn back, or go inside.  He took a step, then another, then some more and without much thought reached out with his hands and grabbed the door knob on the plain brown door.  The door opened, and he stepped inside.

Once inside, he, Kyle, found himself in a small foyer.  He would not be able to honestly describe what happened next; how he talked to the grey-haired man behind the counter, paid his dues and received a towel.  How he made his way the locker room, undressed, then continued deeper into the bathhouse with nothing but the towel wrapped around his waist.  He wouldn't be able to tell you about the private rooms he passed, some with men beckoning him inside by presenting their bare ass.  He wouldn't be able to tell you how he made his way to the dark theater with gay porn showing on the big screen.  It wasn't until he was sitting in a love seat, and another man was getting on his knees in front of him, that Kyle's full senses returned.

The man, Kyle could still see clearly even though the room was dark, was a fine specimen of a well-built jock.  He was older than Kyle, probably by at least a decade.  That didn't make him old, though.  Kyle himself was only in his twenties.  As the man slid his hand up Kyle's thigh, Kyle was thinking that the man's arms were even thicker than his own, and he was impressed.  The man slid his hand underneath Kyle's towel and began to massage Kyle's pelvic region.  Kyle slumped back deeper into the couch, spreading his leads, and giving the man all the invitation he needed.  Without much hesitation, the towel was pulled away and Kyle's cock was deep in this man's mouth.

Kyle wasn't hard yet, maybe a little less than half-mast.  But this guy was clearly a master at his craft, and Kyle's cock sprang to life.  Kyle began to moan as this man's head began to bob up and down on his throbbing dick.  Oddly enough, this is when Kyle noticed that they were not alone in the room.  In fact, a small crowd was beginning to form around them.  He found that he liked the attention, and decided to live it up.  He began to massage on of his own nipples with one hand, and he brought the other to rest on the cocksucker's head.  And he began to moan loader.

The man alternated between sucking on Kyle's cock and sucking on Kyle's balls.  At times, he also pulled up on of Kyle's legs to gain access to his taint and hold.  Kyle was loving every minute, every sensation.  The scene only got hotter as Kyle watched the guys around them start to stroke their own cocks.  The man finally gave his full attention to Kyle's cock again, bobbing his head up and down, swirling his tongue around the head, applying just the right amount of suction.  Kyle was getting close, and the six or seven guys in a circle around him were getting close as well.  Kyle moaned louder, grabbed the cocksucker's hair and forced him down harder.  The cocksucker double his efforts, if that was possible, and Kyle was exploding within moments.  It seemed as though a constant stream of cum erupted out of Kyle's dick and rushed down the man's throat as waves of pleasure washed over his body.  As he opened his eyes, strings of cum were flying over his as each of the men around him came in succession.

Kyle closed his eyes again, let his head fall back against the couch, and enjoyed the bliss.  When he opened his eyes, most of the men were moving away.  The man, the cocksucker was already up and walking out of the room.  Kyle hoped that he would catch up with him once more before the night was over.  That was when he felt somebody move up behind him.  He turned his head to the left, and his eyes were filled with the sight of the most beautifully large cock he'd ever seen.


  1. I was scared and apprehensive (and a virgin) the first time I unknowingly went to a bath house...this makes me wonder what I'd do now if I ever end up in another one.

    1. "Unknowingly went to a bathhouse"? Dude! I can imagine being scared and apprehensive in that situation. Although, I'm pretty sure I've had wet dreams with that scenario.

  2. Jay, that was an excellent read! Very hot! You are a wonderful storyteller. Loved it, it got me very wet........