Wednesday, June 29, 2011


OK, so maybe not appropriate for my very first post, in my first public blog, but I am gonna go there anyway. What the hell?!? I finally make up my mind, get up the courage, grow balls, and decide that I am gonna do it. Despite all my fears, and my shyness, I am going to hookup with another dude. Maybe even 2 of 'em! I'd been talking with a guy, who's partnered, for a couple of weeks. He's been egging me on, saying that they'd take it easy on me, trying to get me to come over. Today, I finally decide to do it, and what happens? Oh, sorry, Soandso is not in the mood. WTF!

I was gracious, made some crack about just going home and taking care of myself. Even promised some pics. You know, because I'm a nice guy. But seriously, I was pissed.

So I decided to take advantage of my new courage and see what else was out there. I had at least two other guys, both on grindr, saying that wanted to be my first. I checked to see if they were online. One of them was, so I sent a message. Nothing. I waited a little longer, still nothing. I refresh and the guy is offline. So I look for the other, not online. Shit! I can't believe that I finally mustered some courage, and nothing.

What am I doing instead? Well, I am currently logged into Grindr, Growlr, and Scruff! LOL. I doubt anyone is gonna pop up and say the right things to get me to come over. Because, in the end, I have to feel at least a little bit comfortable with the guy. No way after a few chats with a brand new stranger is anything gonna happen. Really, what am I doing instead? I started this blog.

I've been headed down this road for years. With time, getting a little bit closer to actually doing something with another guy. Stroke, suck, lick, fuck, who knows. But I'm gonna write about it. I have another blog, one that's more like my journal. It's not public, and accessible by me. In it I write about everything that is going on in my life.

This blog will be about one thing, and one thing only. My thoughts, struggles, accomplishments, in the pursuit of a sex life with men.