Friday, May 31, 2013

Cold Feet

I wish I could say that when given the chance to visit a bathhouse, I took full advantage.  But, sadly, that wasn't the case.  I wrote a fictional story last week about taking that kind of leap.  The first part of the story was true.  I was in another town for the night.  I did check online out of curiosity to see what might be going on in this town, and I did come across a listing for the "oldest" bathhouse in the country.  I can't tell you how excited I get, and a bit scared too if I'm going to tell the truth.  Long time readers know how long it took me to take that first step across the line.

When I saw the listing on, like I said, I got excited.  I started digging for as much information as I could get.  I found reviews on many different sites, all encouraging.  All said that this was a place anyone could visit without fear of ridicule.  I even found articles written in somewhat mainstream publications about the establishment, and the owner.  Everything seemed above board.  And the more I read, the more excited I got.

I made up my mind to go.  It was only a mile's walk from the hotel I was staying out, so I wouldn't even have to bother the valet to get my car.  I hadn't eaten anything in a while, but I decided that it would probably be best to eat afterwards.  It was around dusk, which at this time of year means that it was after 8 pm.  I made up my mind to go, and I hopped in the shower.

Two things happened in the shower.  First, I started to think a little too much, and I started to let fear get to me.  Second, more importantly, I got a little too excited, if you know what I mean.  :)

After I blew my wad in the shower, all my motiv

ation was gone.  I got dressed, still in the mindset that I was going.  But I was lying to myself at that point.  In the end, I went downstairs to eat dinner in the hotel restaurant.  I really didn't give it much thought after that.  Well, I did think about it much later, around midnight.  But, it was a long day, and I was tired, and there was no way I was getting back up out of bed.

The only good point in all of this is that I have reason to visit this town again, maybe even on a monthly basis if I really wanted to.  So, I will have plenty of chances to visit this bathhouse in the future.  I could even become a regular if it is what people say it is.  Another plus, Wednesday nights are half-off!


  1. you know it's funny, on paper or in a porn movie going to the bath house looks like it would be horny as fuck! and yes I have had fantastic fucks in bath houses before. What people fail to mention is that we are not in a porn movie, where every move is choreographed,or in on of your own personal fantasies, wish we were! I love bath house fantasies! In reality it tends to be a lot of guys who are high wondering around looking a bit lost! My advise is not to go on the late shift, go during the day, there tend to be loads of business men ( Who happen to be hot as fuck!)who know what they want and are on a time constraint. Have a very good friend who spent 12 hours in a sauna, he came home looking like a tomato! Said he had a good time, but really, does it take 12 hours?!! For those who do have bath house fantasies play safe, have amazing sex but don't drag it out!!

  2. I love the way you wrote that. It reminds me of how I wrote the account of my experiences at our local steam baths back in the early 80s. I was scared to death just about every time I went down there.

    Those steam baths weren't like the bathhouses you're referring to. They were just a common room and some individual rooms with a bar out front. I fantasize about going to a real bath house, but I'm sure I'd still be nervous, if not scared to death, if I actually got the chance to go to one.