Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Another NEW experience

I had another hot sex experience last week that I haven't shared with you guys yet.  Why?  I'm not sure.  I think I'm worried about everyone getting the idea that I am a slut!  And I know that waiting a few days to tell you all about it makes all the difference.  Right?  lol.

So I started chatting with this guy early last week.  He's around my age, actually close to my height, married (duh), white, etc.  He told me his wife was out of town, so I gave him my cell # so that he could text me later in the week.  Thursday afternoon came, and I still hadn't heard anything.  I noticed that he was on Grindr, so I sent him another message.  (It's possible that I've become a Grindr addict!)  The conversation was short, cordial, he said we should set something up for the following week.  No mention of what "something" was.  On Friday morning, he messaged me again on Grindr.  (Yes, definitely an addict)  He asked if I were free that weekend.  I said no, since weekends for the most part were off limits.  But that weekend in particular was reserved for M.  Then he asked if I could get away from work that day.  I think he remembered his wife was coming home on Sunday and his window of opportunity was closing.

The usual heart palpitations and cold sweat started as soon as I began thinking about meeting up with this guy.  I wasn't even at work yet, so I wasn't sure I'd be able.  But by 9am I knew I'd be free.  We agreed on a time around lunch, he gave me his address.  Plans were set.  As with the first time, my heart was beating a mile a minute from that point on.

I left work a few minutes before noon, I was only a few minutes away from this guy's house.  But as soon as was in the car I got a text asking for a little bit more time, 15 minutes.  I guess he'd gone to run some errands and wasn't back yet..  So I drove around for a bit, told him to text me when he was ready..  I actually thought he was going to chicken out, tell me  to nevermind.  Then my fucked up mind went all paranoid and I thought he needed the extra time to perfect his trap.  Maybe the basement wasn't prepped yet?  But I got the all clear text, and since I had already told him I was on my way, I decided to go through with it.  I was not going to let my own fear to get the best of me, I'm done with that.

I showed up at his door, in a quiet little neighborhood.  He lived on a court, so there was no traffic.  He opened the door, invited me in.  I followed him to the sitting room.  He had a nice place, obviously decorated by his wife.  I saw porcelain dolls everywhere.  He looked good though.  Like I said, close to my own height and in shape.  He was nervous.  Very nervous.  Almost to the point of a stutter.  He really didn't know what to do with me.  It was strange, but I felt the need to take control.  Like I am the expert in these situations. Haha.   I asked if he wanted to stay in the sitting room, or go somewhere else.  He said that there was a guest bed upstairs, and I said lead the way.

He started to undress as soon as we entered the room.  I removed my shoes, but stepped up to him to slow him down.  He had some short conversation about how many times each of us had done this.  His experience was about the same as mine.  He had already removed his pants, and I started exploring his body through his tshirt and boxer briefs.  And we kissed.  My hands went up and down his back, his chest, and eventually (quickly) found their way to his crotch.  I reached in underneath and found a nice thick, soft, cock.  I popped it out from the briefs, and it had a huge plump head.

His nervousness was gone at that point, and he told me to get undressed.  I did.  And he finished what he started.  We stepped up to each other, completely naked, and I pushed him down on to the bed, on his back.  I went to work, first sucking on his nipples, then getting on my knees on the side of the bed so that I could have full access to his cock.

It was still soft as I took it entirely into my mouth.  He wasn't a big leaker, but I could taste a little bit of precum.  I stayed there for a few moments.  But since he wasn't getting any harder, despite his moans of pleasure, I pulled off and got up onto the bed myself.  We moved around a bit, his mouth found my cock.  I was in bliss.  We kept moving so that I could still get at his.  He got the point, and quickly straddled my face, so that we were in the 69 position with my on my back.

So at some point before this moment it would have been a good idea to express exactly what we wanted.  Because when he straddled me, it wasn't his dick that he shoved in my face, it was his ass!  I just looked at it, wide eyed, and thought to myself, "What the hell am I supposed to do with this?".  Fortunately, he is an expert cock sucker. Not as good as M, but I did have to tell him to slow it down so that I could last longer.  His tongue and mouth felt so good, I felt obliged to return the favor.  I slowly, tentatively, got closer to his ass.  First I sniffed.  It smelled okay, kinda sweet.  Then I flicked my tongue and touched skin just outside his hole. It tasted kinda sweet too.  A little more, and I was started to get into it.  He was a little hairy, but not as hairy as I am.  I pressed my tongue against his hole for a moment and started to realize why some guys really get into this.  He then pulled off my cock, and started sucking on my balls, and kept going south from there.  He pulled my legs, and before I knew it, his mouth was in my ass.  I had a fleeting thought about not being prepared for this.  But fleeting thoughts go, and I buried my face in his ass.

I can't even describe the sensations I was feeling.  I'd still prefer my dick sucked, or to suck dick, instead.  But having a tongue lick around and in my hole was something I had not even imagined.  We stayed in this position for a long time.  As I probed his hole, he would buck, pressing his cock into chest.  I tried to push my tongue inside once, but that kinda weird'd me out, so I opted to stay on the surface.

After I while, I really wanted his dick in my mouth again.  I slapped his ass to get his attention, and told him to feed me his cock.  He obeyed, and lifted himself up.  His cock was still soft.  Maybe a little more chubby.  I wondered what the hell would get this guy hard.  I was rock solid from the moment I took off my underwear. But I loved it in my mouth.  He kept going on my ass.  I could feel a finger pressing against my hole, and slip in a little.  I'd done that to myself once or twice, so I wasn't shocked by it.  But again, I wondered if I was ready.  I mean, I wondered if I was properly "prepared" for this kind of ass play.  I keep myself clean, but I am inexperienced in these matters.   I guess I was clean enough, because the finger was quickly replace with his tongue again.  He asked me again if I'd ever bottomed.  We had already covered that in our chats, but I pulled off his cock long enough to reaffirm that I hadn't.

A few minutes later, he pulled off me and turned to lay beside me.  We actually just laid there for a while, playing with each other's cocks.  He decided this was a good time to talk. Asked me questions about my life, and I asked the same of him.  Every few questions, or sentences, he'd ask, "So are you going to let me in?".  And each time I'd answer "No".  He'd either laugh or fake a pout.  But it wouldn't keep him from asking again.

To be continued...


  1. Wow, Jay! A total cliff hanger! I am very curious to know if you eventually did "let him in"! lol


  2. Hot Jay,can't wait for part II. He's going to have to get hard before he can get in.LOL No, I would never consider you a slut. When I had my first hookup, it made me want more soon. I tried for a new hookup once a week and most of the time I was successful. Now thats a slut but what fun it was. hal

  3. it's called "gay or bi adolescence." go crazy. at this rate you'll have tried just about everything by month's end. lol. then you can start on fetishes and kink. how do you feel about leather? lmfao.

  4. If you're a slut - i don't what I would call myself. LOL.

    I love this post. It reminds me of my first time rimming and getting rimmed. :)