Thursday, August 25, 2011

Are ya gonna let me in?

"Are ya gonna let me in?", the guy asked.  And I would answer with "No".  But I have to admit, I was into it.  I was actually thinking about letting this guy fuck me.  I've always said I wanted to try it all, eventually.  I wanted to take my time with it though, make sure that I enjoyed every new experience.  And I wasn't thrilled about the first dick in my ass being one that I had just met.

I was into it though.  And he'd ask again after a minute or two of kissing.  His hands reaching behind me as we laid side by side, exploring my hole.  My hands were all over him.  I'd rub his cock, then move to his ass, then up his back and down his chest, and start all over again.  He told me that he'd "teach me" how to do it so that it wouldn't hurt.  That he'd be gentle.  And we go back to kissing, our tongues wrestling in each other's mouths.  "No", I'd mumble.  But I was about to give in.

"Do you have a condom?", I asked.  It was a dangerous question, and I knew it.  Because if he said yes, I'd let him in.

He said, "No, because having condoms in the house is proof of cheating.", and he laughed.  "Do you?" he asked.

"No", I answered, partly bummed, partly relieved.

"Damn, alright then, we'll have to do it another time", he relented as he went back to kissing.  Then he stopped suddenly and asked, "What about Monday?  Will you let me in on Monday?".

I just laughed.  I didn't answer, just laughed.  Then I pushed him onto his back and moved back to his cock.  As I took him into my mouth again, a slid my hand back towards to massage his hole.  He started moaning.  I stopped for a second to lick my fingers, then started inserting one in while I went back to blowing him.  He moaned louder.  His cock still wasn't rock hard, it was more stiff, but still pliable.  It didn't have enough stiffness that if I bobbed my head up and down it would move with me instead of slide in and out.  But you wouldn't know it from the moans, and the bucking of his hips.  My finger was in past the knuckle, and I started sliding it in and out.  Then I slowly added another finger and did the same.  It wasn't doing much for me, but he definitely reacted positively to it.  I used my other hand to hold his cock so that I could slide my lips up and down the shaft easier.

He commanded me to turn around, so that he could get to my cock.  I obliged.  My cock was in his mouth within seconds, and we were in the reverse of our first 69 position.  He hands exploring my hole again, and pushing me further into his mouth.  Because I knew he'd love it, I pulled off his cock and buried my face in his ass again.  Pushing my tongue into his hole as deep as it could go.  He bucked some more.

My orgasm started to grow, quickly, and I moaned.  Then I went back to his cock and sucked as is my life depended on it.  My balls started to tighten up, and I moaned again.  Then I was just seconds away.  I yelled out, "Fuck, I'm gonna cum", and tried to position myself so that he could push me off.  He replied, "Ok", and moved me, but just a little.  His mouth was replaced by his hand and he jacked me furiously.  I came.

I'd lost all concentration and abandoned his cock.  I shot three or four times, slightly aware that I had no idea where my spunk was landing.

After a minute, I slid off to the side and looked to see what I had done.  My cum was on his cheek, his neck, and his chest.  The look on his face was like a kid in a candy store.  He reached down and started jacking him self off.  A little guilt kicked in that yet again, I had cum first and was unable to get the other guy off on my own.  I compensated by moving in close so that I could like his balls and the area just behind them while he jacked.  That seemed to work, because a few moments later his was cumming.  He continued to jack himself like mad as he came, so his cum flew all of the place.  Some hit me in the chest, some his the bed, some hit him in the chest.

After the mini coma had passed, he both started moving.  I made a comment about the cum all of the place, and that he'd have to wash the bedspread.  He laughed, and pointed the way to the guest shower.  As I was getting in, he walked off to the other bathroom.  I showered quickly, dried off quickly, and went back into the room to get dress.  He walked in after I had half my clothes on and started to get dressed himself.  There wasn't a whole lot said at that point.  After we both were dressed, and after I made sure I had all my stuff, he walked me to the front door.

Leaving these situations is always awkward.  I never know what to say or do.  I don't think he did either.  I mentioned something about not being free on Monday, but that I was open to doing this again.  Then I opened the door and left.


  1. It's kinda like going to the fair=a new ride each time. Enjoy hal

  2. Are you going to start keeping a condom on you? Just in case? :)


  3. No way, hottie, that would be a sure sign of cheating!

  4. are you saying that if your wife discovered you had condoms, that would be a sure sign you were cheating on her? is that what you mean? there's a simple remedy to that. it seems that most of your hook-ups have taken place during the day. do you have a desk drawer at the office that you can lock? until i found dr. right, i was a real slut. trust me...a real slut! i always played safe tho. so i stashed condoms home, in the car, at the office. i didn't have to worry that a gf was going to discover them. so keep a few condoms at the office. tuck them in the back of a desk drawer. make it part of your routine as you leave wherever you just finished playing, to ditch the unused condoms (i always tucked two in my wallet before a hook-up...since you never knew when you might want "seconds").

    let's just say i've had some experience popping str8 dudes' cherries. even tho i'm rather large, i've always prided myself in making a guy's first time pain free. it's not something that can be rushed and it usually involves a few preliminary steps.

    most "newbies" have no idea their assholes can be pleasure centers, so i start with rimming. most guys love being rimmed. when you're going to pop a cherry or have your's popped...lots of lube is key! after i've gotten a guy nice and wet and he's moaning, i lube a finger and slowly insert it. let the guy get used to the feeling of having something inside him. after a little ass play, i lube and insert a second finger and let the guy "accomodate" that. men have two sphincter muscles and they need to be stretched b4 they can painlessly take a cock. so i use my two fingers to "stretch" a newbie. i find his prostate and massage that. i've never been with a guy who didn't go a little crazy when he discovered he had a "g spot" and what it was like to have it massaged. did you know you can achieve an orgasm w/out even touching your dick...just by having your prostate massaged? it's an amazing almost primordial ejaculation. once a guy has cum that way, he's usually dying to be fucked. you have to take it really slow, be gentle and very sensitive to how the "newbie" is responding. a good top always puts his bottom's pleasure above his own. you can't rush it or the bottom won't relax and it's gonna involve pain. but if done correctly, having your cherry popped can be an enjoyable, pain-free experience. my advice? wait till you're with a guy you trust...someone who will put your pleasure above his own and you have plenty of time. good luck kiddo.

  5. Rugby, I think the only guy I want to "pop my cherry" is you! What airport to fly into again? :)

    Intellectually, I knew everything that you said. I know I have a "g-spot", and that I could orgasm without touching my dick. I've read about it, and seen it in porn. But I can't fathom what that would feel like, and I am curious. I know it can feel good. And I know that if done wrong, it can be awful. Yeah, I am gonna wait.

    I wanted to make clear how much importance I put on safe play. I would never put the risk of getting caught above the risk of STDs.

    That being said, not carrying around condoms helps to ensure that I won't "give it away" in the heat of the moment. I was really into it with that guy. And, if he had produced a condom, I would have relented. If, When, I do finally decide to take that step, I will put more thought into it. Then I will buy condoms. Like, for example, when you, rugby, tell me you're planning a trip out to the "left" coast. LOL.

  6. to the right, ever to the right, never to the left, forever to the right.
    may our creed be never to exceed, moderated speed, no matter what the need! lol.

    i'm thinking we should meet someplace in the middle. ha! vegas isn't exactly the middle of the country but it's do-able. did i mention i provide a money back guarantee and if requested can provide written references from satisfied "customers." lmfao!

    have a great weekend. we're "hunkered down" here on the east coast for that bitch Irene who's coming thru. ugh! women!

  7. Hot post dude. I'm at the exact same place as you as wanting to try it but a little nervous.

  8. I keep checking back to see if ya let him in. hal