Tuesday, August 9, 2011

More Real Sex

I had another hookup with the first guy.  I realize that if I keep writing about these guys, I am gonna have to give them names.  Otherwise this might get a bit confusing.  So let's call this guy Don.  I have no idea if the name he gave me was his real name or not, but why take the chance, you know?

You remember Don, Guy #1?  I'm not sure how much I told you about him.  He's married, like me.  He's 9 years older than I am, but has dark hair and eyes like I do.  Anyways, we kept chatting about our first meeting.  We actually made plans to meet up again later in the week, in the morning this time on my way to work.  He travels quite of bit for work, so he was supposed to be out of town till the day we were to meet.

So I was surprised when I got a text from him around 10 in the morning.  It was short and simple, "On my way home from the airport, Lunch?".  I was at work, and just so have it I was trying to decide what to do for lunch.  Don's text beat out all my other options!  So I replied, "Sure!  What are you going to feed me?".  Later he told me that reply almost made his crash his car.  :)

We agreed to meet at 12:30.  When it came time I left work.  I followed the same instructions when I got to his house; parked in front, walked around back, entered through bedroom door.  I was no where near as nervous this time as the first, which was great.  I had all the excitement of the anticipation, but only a little of the fear.

So I walked in to find the same scene.  Don was sitting in his chair, this time in a robe.  Porn was playing on the TV.  He told me to get naked.  I was hungry though, and had my wits about me, so I made him get up before I got undressed so that I could play with his cock.  Last time Don was completely hard when I arrived, this time he was only at half mast.  I loved playing with him while he was still semi soft.  After a few moments I got undressed, he laid down on the bed, and I went to work.

I was determined to suck him to completion this time.  I wanted to put to practice some of the advice that you guys, my readers, had given me.  I paid attention to his body movements, his reactions.  I shifted between long, deep movements to those that focused just on the head.  I used my hands at some points, and just my mouth at others.  When he made a particularly load moan or gasp, and stayed consistent with whatever I was doing at that moment.

His cock curved upwards.  So when I was position below him, the tip of his cock hits the roof of my mouth when I try to go deep.  I knew that if I want to take him deeper, I had to turn around.  We moved quite a bit during our session, and I eventually get him on his side.  I was laying down the opposite way, we were in the 69 position.  I found that I go much deeper this way.  Now his cock curved downwards, aiming for my throat.  I'm certainly no expert at deep throating.  I gagged, a lot.  So I keep pulling off to catch me breath.  But when he took my cock in his mouth, I found that I was able to focus more on that than the gagging.  It helped me take his cock deeper.

After a few moments of being on our side, I rolled up on top of him.  He continued to suck on my cock, and I force my head down on his as far as I could.  Using my hands to squeeze his ass, pull him up into me.  When I couldn't fight the gag reflex any more, I pull off and buried my mouth in his pubes, sucking on the base of his cock and balls.  But I had a much harder time concentrating this way, with his mouth and tongue all over my cock.

As I said before, I was determined to make him come.  We moved again, him on his back, me between his legs.  I sucked and bobbed for what seemed like forever.  Admittedly, it was probably only a couple of minutes.  I was getting tired, and he was showing no signs of getting close.  I started to use my hands more, to give my mouth a break.  I made sure that I left enough saliva on his cock for lube, something I learned from last time.  I jacked furiously, while trying to keep my lips or tongue on the tip.  Still nothing.  He stopped me to get up and get some lube, or something, from the bathroom.  I put some in my hands.  I tasted it, just to make sure it would still be safe to suck on his cock so more.  Then I rubbed it all around his cock head and shaft and went back to jacking him off.  I could tell immediately that it improved the sensations for him.  It was much more slick, and I could grip him tighter without causing pain.  I continued to jack him off, again trying to keep my mouth on the tip.  After a couple of more minutes, I could tell his orgasm was starting to build.  He started moaning more, then yelling.  My hand went into high gear, go faster.  "Here it cums, oh, I'm cumming".  I moved my head back some so I could watch it all in action.  I actually feel the cum move up the shaft of his cock just as he erupted.

I kept jacking, got out a couple more squirts, when he grabbed my wrist to stop me.  I wanted to taste his cum, but I was scared too.  I'm not fond of the taste of mine.  But from what I've read, each guy tastes different.  I knew that I liked the taste of him precum, so I figured my chances were ok.  I stuck out my tongue and licked a little bit that was dripping down the side of his cock.  It didn't taste bad.  Actually, it didn't taste like anything.  Can something have no flavor at all?  That satisfied my curiosity, but I licked the tip of his cock a little bit more just because I knew he was sensitive and it would drive him crazy.  He stopped me.  I back off, but started to slowly massage his cock again with my hand.  Slow enough that he didn't stop me.  I move myself so that I could get at my own cock.  I started to jack myself off with my right hand, and I slowly massaged his softening cock with my left.

I had hoped that Don would take an interest in my cock   Maybe suck on it some more, or stroke it.  But he didn't.  He did sit up enough to watch me though.  I laid back, resting my head on his legs and feet, and gave my cock the attention it deserved.  I was getting close to orgasm after only a couple of minutes.  And I yelled out when I exploded.  He actually yelled out with me, which I thought was funny afterwards.  Cum shot all of my chest, and some of it shot over my shoulder onto his bed.

I made no move to clean it up though.  I just laid there in a catatonic state.  When I realized that he was just sitting there, staring at me, I got a little self conscious.  I forced myself to get up to clean myself off.  I almost asked to use his shower, but then decided against it.  We got dressed, said our pleasantries, and I was out of there.

This experience was decidedly different than my first with this guy.  I think the first time around, my own fantasies and expectations mixed in with what was actually happening.  The whole experience seemed surreal.  This time, it was just real.  It was hot, but not as hot.  Not porn quality hot.  I was more aware of what felt good, and what didn't feel good.  I was also more aware of what I was doing that may not have felt good for Don.  The high that I felt, or the bliss, was more fleeting.  And I was able to put almost the whole rendezvous out of my head by the time I got back to work.

I was disappointed that I wasn't able to make Don cum by sucking him off alone.  Maybe after more training and more experience, I will learn if it was a problem with my technique or if he's just not one to cum that way.


  1. Sounds as though your technique has improved considerably. I wouldn't be concerned that Don didn't get off from your sucking alone. Maybe he is not as sensitive as most dudes. When you try it on a couple of other guys, Iam sure you will get the desired result--a mouth full.LOL

  2. I don't know about "Don" but I'm not a big fan of the deepthroat. When a guy tries to impale himself on my dick, to the point of gagging, fist of all it's painful for me, and I don't really like it, but also I don't want someone making himself uncomfortable trying to get me off!

    As for me, I like the "shallow, mostly paying attention to the head" with medium suction and lots of tongue. But of course everyone likes it differently.

    I read blogs about cocksuckers who enjoy the discomfort a bit. Submissiveness plays a role in enjoyment. I'll even admit to enjoying giving my self over to a slightly aggressive face fucker, though I think I appreciate mutual communication and pleasure giving/taking more.

    Keep trying Jay. I wish there were more like you!

  3. Loved this post! I've only given / received BJs twice. Both guys came but I didn't, either time. I need more practice!

  4. Thanks Buddy. And I've gotta tell ya, I've been enjoying your blog as well!

    Jack, to be fair the deep throating was for me more than it was for Don. He clearly enjoyed the more shallow attention more. Going deep got me more horny and excited, just seeing how far I could go, or take. I wanted to shift positions so that he could face fuck me, just didn't ask. This is all exploration for me.

  5. Every guy and every situation and every hormonal rush will be different -- so just enjoy each encounter. Glad you had fun though... and got to work on new techniques.