Friday, July 29, 2011

My skills need work

I left off on my last post by describing a mind blowing blow job during my last hookup.  What I didn't write about was the blow job I gave in return.  After I came, I exploded, and the guy drained me completed dry and clean me up with his mouth, I needed a little time to recover.  But it wasn't long before I was pulling his pants down to get at his cock.  I was still sitting on the couch, he was standing in front of me, and I went to work.  He had a nice cock, it was cut, not as long as my first, but was hard and straight.  I licked, bobbed, swallowed.  I am finding that I really love cock sucking.

So I am doing my damnedest to make this guy as good as I felt.  I really wanted to make him come.  I'd let him fuck my face, but we had problems getting into a rhythm, so I would end up bobbing my head back and forth so more.  I would gag a little when he got too deep, but I tried to not let it stop me.

Eventually, he stopped me.  I thought he was enjoying it.  He was moaning and grunting at all the right moments. But he pulled his cock out of my mouth, pushed me back onto the couch, and started kissing me some more.  Then he got up and pulled up his pants.  I knew I had run out of time, so I didn't protest.  I just said that someday I needed to finish the job.

Clearly, I have a lot to learn to become a truly great cocksucker.  I've only done it twice, so I am not trying to be hard on myself.  But both times, with both guys, I wasn't able to make them cum.  The first guy finished himself off.  Admittedly, after I had cum I had no energy or motivation to dive back in.  But I did with the second guy and he had to pull me off.

To the faithful few who read this, whom I love, tell me what you like.  Tell me what makes you cum when you're getting head.  If I had a few thousand followers, I am sure I could become an expert in a matter of days.  I know that those of you who will comment won't steer me wrong.  I am determined to become an expert, no matter how much I need to practice, no matter what I have to do.


  1. Just to let you know, I'm reading. But I don't have any advice; haven't done it or had it enough! I just think, be very aware of which his dick is doing; how it is responding; how he is responding; and experiment!

  2. you're still overwhelmed w/ the new pleasure of receiving bjs. try to pay attention to what feels good to YOU when getting a bj and do that in return. practice makes perfect.

  3. I gotta give you kudos for wanting to pay back, especially after you already got off! Once that happens to me, I am never in the mood to give head. Oh, I've DONE it, but it just isn't the same.

    As for how I like it:

    I like it slow and shallow. I like good suction, but not TOO much. I love the underside of my dick head, right around the frenulum to be stimulated with your tongue, and of course, keep my dick head AWAY from your teeth! Picture a calf on his mama's teat, and that's what I like.

    But here's the deal. Every guy is different. I appreciate it when the recipient is a little verbal, and gives signals to what pleasures him. Once a dude says "oh yah, that's it, that's the spot I PAY ATTENTION, and continue with that.

    Good luck man. Who fucking knew that GIVING blow jobs would be almost as much fun as receiving them?

  4. It's hard to describe a bj after the fact, but a few that I remember are as follows:

    The long and slow bj, where there were some teeth, but for a while I was wondering if I was going to cum. The guy would use his left hand to up and down my shaft as he kept most of the mouth action concentrated at the tip. Throw in a bit of nipple play by a second guy watching, at it's a good bj.

    Going deep, not all guys can take my cock deep, but the ones that do control their gag reflex, and can hold their breath are the best. Holding a guys head as tight against my cock while I can feel my cock in the tight recesses of the guys throat, and moving in and out ever so slowly. Then when I'm moving in and out from tip to pubes, and it feels so smooth, that is great.

    Biggest turn off is the teeth, they shouldn't touch the surface of a penis. That being said, I know it's not always the reality, but that's the goal.

  5. damn! if only you weren't on the "left" coast, i'd be more than happy to spend an afternoon or evening "mentoring" you. i'd "mentor" you at least 3 or 4 times in a single session. lmfao.

  6. The first step towards improvement of ANY desired skill is to first realize and admit that you NEED improvement. You are to be commended for already doing this! As the saying goes: "Practice makes perfect and perfect practice makes perfect" (whatever "perfect" needs or happens to be). You are on your way towards improving yourself in sucking cock. Contrary to "popular belief", no man (or woman) is a "born cocksucker", that's why breast nipples are designed they way that they are (LOL). Cocksucking does take some skill and, even though a man would prefer to have his cock sucked in the same way that he himself would IMAGINE it being done to his cock, every man does indeed have a different sense and feel “down there”. It's the same for jacking off: no two mouths, tongues, or hands are going to feel the same on another man's dick. If the receiver is patient, he will (or should!) guide his partner into what pleases -or displeases- him in the act and HOW. Communication (not just mere groans and moans) is essential to getting to that PONR (point of no return). Otherwise, the giver of the blowjob may find his/her jaws, cheeks, and back of the neck in heavy discomfort, at which point BOTH giver and receiver lose on this very pleasurable activity!

  7. I suspect your trying too hard to please since you feel you owe them for giving you such a great experience. Next time, plan on giving the bj rather than getting one. The dude getting the bj will probably be much more turned on if he hasn't just finished giving head himself. You too will be rock hard while your giving and may even jack while giving. If they don't cum or don't want too, I say thats more of an issue for them than you. studly66