Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I never saw it coming

No, really, I didn't.  

So I had been chatting with this guy for a while.  Actually, I've mentioned him before.  He's the guy that I almost had my first hookup with.  He'd been asking me to come over, but I was too shy.  Then, when I finally got the balls, he said no.  I was beyond frustrated, but what was I to do?

The guy was partnered, and offered a 3some.  I think that was part of the reason why I decided to go for it.  The idea of my first time being with two guys was just too much to pass up.  I mean, damn, what a story to tell, right?  But the real reason, I think, was that I felt a little more comfortable knowing that all attention didn't necessarily have to be on me.  All the pressure to get things started didn't have to be on me.  Hell, I probably could have just sat back and watched until the excitement took over.  But it didn't happen, so it's not worth any further discussion.

You're probably wondering why I even brought it up.  Well, the guy broke up with his boyfriend shortly after that missed opportunity.  Apparently there was a lot of drama, and I was thankful for having avoided it.  I am not a fan of drama, and I certainly wasn't out looking for any.  But the guy and I kept chatting.  He was a nice guy, and over the last couple of weeks I came to think of him as a friend.  So I kept the conversation going. I even made a point to text him when I was away last week on vacation.

I wanted to meet him face to face, and he had said as much as well.  Today I had the opportunity, since I had a little bit of time on my way home from work.  He was home, and invited me over.  I seriously only had a few minutes to spare, so I really wasn't looking for a hookup.  I just wanted to meet the guy that I'd been chatting with online.  Maybe shake his hand, talk, get to know one another a little bit more.  I arrived with no where near the amount of nervousness I had the last time I showed up at a stranger's house.  He answered the front door, and invited me in.  We sat down on the couch, he had a movie on.  But we just talked for a bit.  He asked about my vacation.  I asked how he was doing since the break up.  I felt very comfortable, like meeting and old friend, for the first time.

I didn't even think twice when his hand rested on mine.  He picked it up, and compared it to his own.  My hand was quite a bit larger.  Did I mention that I'm tall?  While we were talking, his hand moved to my leg.  I think I knew where this was going at that point, maybe not consciously, but I know I didn't take my eyes off his hand.

I remember thinking to myself that I was just there to meet a friend.  That I couldn't do anything more because I only had minutes to spare.  I had to get home.  I thought all of this as his hand rubbed my thigh.  He asked if I minded him touching me, and I said "no".  He asked if I was sure, as he moved his hand to my crotch.  And it all changed from there.

I didn't intend on leaving this on a cliff hanger.  But I really can't finish this post right now, and I really want to post what I've written already.  I will tell you more, and leave you by saying that what happened next was a mind blowing blow job.  I wouldn't be surprised if it was the best I will ever get!


  1. "I didn't intend on leaving this on a cliff hanger."
    yeah, right! LOL. you're good're good.

  2. Nothing beats great head, does it? Let's hear the juicy details!

  3. You know rugby, I could hear you laughing in my head as I wrote that last paragraph, saying "stretch it out". I was thinking, "there's no way he's going to believe I didn't plan this!" Lol.
    Jack, I knew I was missing out. But OMFG I had no idea how much!

  4. You know how to bring us back daily. Gave me a boner just thinking of your experience.

  5. "I wouldn't be surprised if it was the best I will ever get!"????

    Yeah right! You'll be getting many, many, MANY more from him ;-) The floodgates have opened.

  6. Oh- One last thing. You didn't see this coming? ;-) wink* Consciously and subconsciously, you placed yourself in that situation. You walked into "the potential that something might happen" with this online connection. It's like going to visit the ex post-breakup. 90% of the time, we DO have sex with them again. God knows I've done that many-a-time.

    So own it! Subconsciously, you wanted something to happen. You saw it cumming. That's all I wanted to add.

  7. So Jay, the Thirty3 Naked Laydies nailed you on that one. You did want it to happen.

  8. Yeah, of course I did, and I do own it. I certainly wasn't complaining. If I didn't want it, it wouldn't have happened. All I was saying was that I didn't plan it. I really thought I was just gonna meet someone face to face that I had been talking to for weeks.