Thursday, July 7, 2011

My type of guy

Lately I've read, and heard, a lot about a new type of straight guy.  A new generation, or a new evolution of heterosexual males.  These are masculine men, guys who work hard, and play harder.  And these guys have absolutely no qualms about homosexuality.  They would be flattered if another guy hit on them, they get off on getting looks from other guys as much as women.  Wouldn't think twice about being naked in the gym locker room, skinny dipping,  They would have just as much fun dancing at a gay club than at a straight club.

If you took that one step further, and showed my one of these guys that wouldn't say no to a blowjob from another guy, and would return the favor, you'd have the ideal man.  A man that is secure, confident, open minded.  There's no bigger turn off than a bigotry or narrow mindedness.

Add to that a guy who is physically fit and healthy, than he'd be damn near perfect.  A guy that can get literally any girl, and guy he wanted.  He'd have me drooling.

I'd count myself as one of this type.  I've got almost all the characteristics.  I obviously don't have anything against homosexuality.  Any attention, from a man or a woman, builds my ego.  I try to take care of myself, visit the gym regularly, eat right, and so on.  But the reality is that I am not a opportunistic straight guy, or even an enlightened straight guy.  I am not a huge fan of labels, but if I had to choose, it would be "Bi".  I crave sex with both women and men.  I am not evolved, I have a completely different motivation for accepting homosexuality.


  1. Very hot Jay, sounds like a couple of dudes I know all to well. One being my former bff who just got married a few weeks ago. This guy is a total heater and just oozes sexual confidence outta every pore of his body.

    BTW....ur doing a great job bro, keep it up :) !

  2. Being sexual -- just sexual -- I think it is what we are designed for. Designed for other things too.

  3. You just described exactly how I feel. Although at my age, even though I go to the gym 3 times a week and keep myself fit, the looks from younger guys stopped several years ago. But that doesnt mean that I cant look at them and dream.
    I just wish I had come to realize when I was younger my "bi" side. Of course, the internet has helped guys hook up and we didnt have that advantage when I was 35. If I could just be 35 and know what I know now but that is also a dream. Thanks for your blog.

  4. Where are these guys and how can I hook and play with them?


  5. Hi there. Im new to the blog so forgive me for not knowing the history behind the blog. This entry could have been writen at any time in history. Men have been feeling what you are feeling for a long time. Im not discounting anything you typed. Im just saying that we have heard of many stories through history when it comes to the gay/bi man's fight through the life they have chosen. It's a shame that not much has changed.