Friday, July 15, 2011

My First Time, cont'd

I continued to suck for what seemed like an hour, but was actually only a few minutes.  I licked his balls.  They were hairy, but that didn't bother me.  I licked up and down the shaft, around the rim of the head, across the tip. I was loving every second of it.

I had to consciously be mindful of my teeth.  This guy's cock head was big and bulbous, so much so that I had to open up real wide.  But he only moaned, seemed to only enjoy it.  I tried to deep throat him.  I push down as far as I could.  His cock had a distinct upwards curve, so his head would push up against the roof of my mouth.  I had this picture in my mind of having his cock slide down my throat.  I had know way of knowing if I could handle that, I've never tested myself before.  But his cock pointed up, so there was no way of it sliding downwards.  I pushed my limits, to see how deep I could take him.  I felt a gag reflex, backed off, caught my breath and tried again.  If anything, I was a determined cocksucker!

Then I gripped his cock tightly, using my fist as an extension of my mouth, and bobbed my head up and down as quickly as I could stand it.  I just couldn't get enough.  I was trying to listen to changes in his moans or breathing to see what was working and what wasn't.  Best I could tell, he liked it when I tried to deep throat him.

Eventually, I pulled off and climbed up onto the bed with him.  He got up, moved and laid back down between my legs.  He stroked me, slowly.  I still wasn't completely hard yet, but with his attention I was quickly getting there. Then he took me into his mouth.  I was in heaven, so much so that I couldn't even tell you exactly what he did.  I know that he licked my cock up and down, that he licked my balls, pulling each one gently into his mouth.  The rest was a blur.  Now it was my turn to moan.

I am not know for lasting very long during sex.  So, I was pretty surprised when I didn't cum immediately into his mouth.  Maybe it was nerves, or the surreal feelings surrounding all of this.  I guess that I always just assumed that with all the build up, I'd be so aroused when it finally happened I'd cum when the guy just looked at my cock.  

He stayed down there for a while, at least as long as I was down on him, maybe longer.  I wasn't really keeping track of the time.  This guy was passionate, intense.  The whole time his mouth was on my cock, his hands were exploring my body.  Pinching my nipples, rubbing my stomach, squeezing my ass cheeks.

He finally came up for air, got up on all fours, and crawled up to me.  He laid his body on top of mine, grinding our dicks together.  I reached out and grabbed his ass, pulling it in tightly.  I mentioned before that this guy is passionate, and I wasn't kidding.  I really didn't have any preconceived notions about what I was walking into, other than I was gonna blow a dude.  I didn't know if this was gonna be a quick "blow 'n go" or what.  So when he started kissing my neck, I just went with it.   If possible, it got me even hotter.  I'm typically pretty passionate myself, love to grope and hug and kiss.  He was grinding our cocks together, rubbing his hands all over me, and kissing, licking, sucking on my neck, chin, cheek, ear.  I fucking loved it!

He had a lot of stubble though, that was definitely a new sensation.

I was the one who kissed him.  Maybe he wasn't sure what I wanted, but he got me so hot that I just went for it.  I turned my head into him as he was nibbling on my ear, and without much warning my tongue went into his mouth.  We kissed intensely, and it felt like his stubble was burning my skin away.  I was actually worried I was gonna go back to work with rug burn on my chin.

But it wasn't long till I pushed him off of me, onto his back, and I was back on his cock.


  1. Savor every moment. This was your first. Nothing like it. If I could only remember my first. I'm such a slut now that I'd have to go back into the recesses of thousands of hookups to recall it....

  2. My first time was like two guys, having just gotten our cocks that day and not knowing what the hell to do with them, and the main feeling of the day was awkwardness. This reads like a porn novel, good for you, hopefully all your connections will be like this.

  3. The awkwardness was definitely there. And yeah, I know this reads a bit like porn. I read a lot of porn, almost like it was an instruction manual. Every action I took during this encounter was compared to porn in my mind. Actually, the entire experience played out like porn in my mind, even as it was happening. It was a surreal moment that part of me didn't want to believe.

  4. Your first experience sounds fantastic. Jay, your one hot stud. You really needed this experience.