Friday, July 1, 2011

So About Me

I decided maybe a month or two ago to start this blog. As with most things, I got distracted or I procrastinated. I decided about the same time that I downloaded the grindr app on my phone. I knew then that I had shifted gears, that it was actually going to lead to something more than fantasy, and I wanted to document it.

I imagined what my first post would say, how I would write about who I am and what I am all about. I imagined writing about the guys I was chattin' with, and about whether or not I should hook up with any of them. I thought the struggle would go on for a long time as I wrestled with the fear of meeting a random stranger, the shame of a one night stand, the guilt of cheating. I thought I would have endless conversations with my readers, if I got any, about what type of guy I wanted and tips on what I should and should not do.

But, as I've said, I procrastinated. So, instead, my first post was me venting my frustrations over not being able to hookup that night. I really have shifted gears! I fooled around with the idea of fooling around with a guy for years. But I never seriously thought that I would do anything. Yeah, I know, I still haven't.

I have read other's blogs for years. Scott, The King, BLM are just a couple of my favorites out of many. I identify with these guys, I think we have some similarities. They given me a sense of community.

So here I am, baring a small part of my soul for the whole anonymous world to see. I finally got this blog going, and I actually have readers and a follower! Thanks to the infamous rugbysex, Celt, and anonymous for your support. I am truly honored.


  1. Jay, u got balls dude! Best of luck bro and ur off 2 a great start. I've been wanting to do my own blog 4 a while, but I haven't quite figured out my voice yet. So I envy ur courage. I'll b checkin back in.

  2. Hey Jay,

    Read your post over on Scott's blog and had to check you out. I look forward to learning more about your adventure and will stop in every now and again. Please take one lesson from Scott and blog often so we know you're still committed.


  3. I'm reading. =)

  4. Hey Rugby,
    getting this boy the support he needs. Good on ya!, Jay.

    Cheers, MM

  5. Step by step. As much as the world will weigh in, at the end of the day, this is YOUR blog and YOUR story. Little by little, you'll reveal the secrets inside... and wrestle with them... and find calm and equilibrium states.