Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Catering to your audience

I am absolutely loving all the feedback I have gotten so far.  I had no idea that I would reach such a great group of guys.  And this is only the beginning!

I've also gotten some great advice.  The most popular piece of advice is to remember that this blog is for me, and not anyone else.  I try, but I find that I am already falling into a trap.  More than once, just today, I thought about what I should write next.  What would all of you want to read?  What would keep you interested and attract even more great guys such as yourself.

I don't get to talk about this subject in my personal or professional life.  Ha ha, no one at work would want to hear it.  They'd just look at me like I'm crazy, then probably shun me.  And it's a little too close to home, to be talking about at home.  I can already tell that I will quickly become addicted to your comments.  When I think about what to write, I think about what would elicit more interaction from all of you.

Since I couldn't come up with anything good, while I am sitting here at work trying my hardest to do anything but work, I decided just to write literally what was on my mind.  I know that this will evolve over time, and that I will find my groove.  I will do my best to keep my postings relevant to my own life and not become a whore to blogger fame.

While I am at it, quick question for you experience bloggers and blog readers.  What are the rules with pics?  I've been posting those pics that get a reaction out of me, without much care for where they come from.  Is there an etiquette that I should be following?


  1. Hi Jay,
    Oh boy, does all that sound familiar. Just be true to yourself and what really grabs your heart and boner. LOL. As far as pix, anything that is on the net and you can download should be fair game, however, if you look at the end of my blog I have a disclaimer just in case one of them is not for public use. Usually if a pic is copywrited, when you try to download it, it will say so. Feel free to "borrow" from other sites. I do it all the time. I'm always flattered if anyother blogger finds the pix I use hot and uses them too. BTW, both guys are uber hot caliente.

    Cheers, MM

  2. Feel free to copy and use my disclaimer.


  3. hey jay,
    have you read Blogger's "Terms of Service?" REALLY read it? If not, then do it. Those are the rules. Ignore them at your own peril! Another thing...back up your blog! religiously!
    contrary to what you'll hear, Blogger doesn't target gay blogs to take down. it's much more impersonal than that. and complicated. scott's on his THIRD blog. and he never violated a single rule. so back it up buddy boy. you don't want to go to all this work and then have it disappear in the ether.
    one last thing...i say that a lot and rarely mean it. LOL. do you understand "link exchange?" there are several ways to do that. do as many as possible...tit for tat...or treat your blog roll like a personal recommendation list. most blogmasters do the former...classy guys like scott, king and MM do the latter. your choice. there are pro's and con's to both.