Saturday, July 16, 2011

My First Time, part 3

I went to down on his cock, again.  I was anxious to see him cum, so I went straight for the deep throat suck.  He groaned.  I gagged, back off, and dove in again.  Pushing further than I had before, repeatedly having to stop to catch my breath.  He was flat on his back, and I was lying beside him, leaned over.  The angle was a little better than before, but I still couldn't get his cock to slide any further down my throat.  I started to tear up from the multiple gag reflexes, and it was starting to get hot in his bedroom.

Periodically, I would switch to jacking him off, keeping the tip in my mouth.  I wanted so badly to make him cum.  I dive in deep again.  He even bucked his hips at one point.  I encouraged him to keep doing that, so he began to fuck my mouth, bucking his hips up and putting his hands on the back of my head.  I kept it going for as long as I could, but I eventually needed a break.  I pulled off, and laid back down beside him.  He tuned on his side, and explored my body some more with his hands.  After a second of catching my breath, I asked him to suck me off some more.  He gladly complied.

My cock was in his mouth for a good five minutes before I felt my orgasm start to build.  My cock got harder, if that were possible, and I moaned louder.  That only made him suck harder, and use his hands.  I had my hand on the back of his neck, resisting the urge to grab his head and shove it down hard.  It took a couple of minutes for my orgasm to build up to the breaking point.  Again, very unusually for me.  As I got closer, and was yelling out, "oh yeah, fuck yeah, oh fuck, I'm gonna cum!".  When I said that, I expected him to pull off, but he didn't.  He kept going.  The thought crossed my mind that he was gonna let me cum in his mouth, and that set me over the edge.  I screamed out, "I cumming!", and my dick exploded.  The first shop landed in his mouth.  Than he moved and let the other three or four shots hit my stomach while he jacked me.  You couldn't have kept me quiet by smothering me with a pillow.

When I calmed down, and stopped squirting, he wrapped his lips around my cock head again.  I froze, thinking that if either one of moved even just a little bit, I would explode.  My cock was so sensitive, and he started licking it.  If I had any senses left at out, I would have grabbed him and thrown him off the bed.

After an eternity, he let me fall out of his mouth.  He got up and walked into his bathroom, quickly returning with a towel.  He wiped me clean, while I just laid there, stoned out of my mind.  He jacked himself a little, kneeling next to me, staring at me.  Then he got up again.  I started to get up myself.  I felt the need to do something, to make sure he came too.  But I was so out of it, I had no idea what.

"Fuck my face while I jack off", he said, as he climbed back onto the bed.  I got on my knees, and he laid on his back just underneath me.  I slipped my cock back into his mouth.  Fortunately, it wasn't as sensitive as before.  But it had started to deflate.  He starting jacking himself off.  I wanted to do more to help, but really couldn't move much more than I had.  But even though I already orgasmed and my cock was going soft, if still felt great in his mouth.  I did manage to rub his chest and pinch his nipples.  It wasn't long before he was cumming.  I was fixated, fascinated with his cock, watching his legs pulse, hips buck, cum squirt out of his cock and land on his chest.


  1. do you appreciate how exceptional ur 1st time was? maybe it's because you've been thinking about it for so long. most str8 guys don't have a clue what they want the 1st time. they need to be led...gently. it takes most str8/curious guys years to cross the lines you crossed ur 1st time out.

    like TGK, i have sex mostly w/ men who self-identify as str8. str8 men don't kiss. period. king did an entire post about this phenomenon. glad you didn't have that hang-up. it would seem to indicate you're not threatened by your feelings and that's great.

    so major congrats. i'm happy for ya. but your str8/curious readers who haven't yet dipped their toes in the water of man sex...don't expect your 1st time to be anything like jay's. and don't be disappointed or discouraged if it's not. i think it's safe to say, even for jay, that it gets better with experience. the nervousness, the fear and the thrill of venturing into the forbidden zone can be a plus. use that to your advantage.

    jay, you write with the same verve and immediacy of an experienced writer of gay porn. i have to admit it made me raise an this guy who he says he is???? I'm going to believe you just because it's so much fun. ha! great pix AND great use of pix to propel the story. i told you i wasn't sure why i so quickly decided to sign up for the ride. guess i just have really good instincts. hahaha!

  2. What would be really interesting would be to see what the other guy, the one I hooked up with, has to say. My guess is that his experience wasn't so exceptional, him being more experienced than I was. Well, I am assuming he was, but honestly I don't know.

    I've tried my hand at a bit of gay porn. If I could get half as interested in any other topic, maybe I'd be a published writer.

    I've actually thought quite a bit about what you just wrote, that Str8 men don't kiss. I've wondered if maybe I enjoyed the kiss too much. Which is kinda funny, I'm thrilled about having sucked him off, but worried about the kiss? I probably will need a few posts to explore this.

  3. you have plenty of time to explore your feelings. don't spend too much time thinking about the kissing. it's good you didn't have that hang-up. jay, my first time w/ an adult male was when i was in 6th grade. as much as i have reservations about adults having sex w/ minors, i'm glad i did. i feel fortunate that i had "mentors" who allowed me to explore things at my own pace over a lot of years. and here's where we're similar...all my life i lived as a "str8 male" with all that it entails. i like sex w/ women and men and i never had any inner turmoil or angst about it. i guess i was just lucky because i know how rare that is.

  4. Sounds hot bud! Glad it went so well for you.