Thursday, July 14, 2011

My First Time

Where do I begin? Yeah, I was scared. Petrified even, well almost petrified. I really don't know yet how to describe it. It was both everything I dreamed, and nothing I could imagine at the same time.

I mentioned in a previous post that I had ben chatting up a guy on grindr. He'd basically given me an open invitation for any morning I wanted to come over. Twice I tried to call, and twice I'd chickened out.

I received a text from the guy this morning. He was asking when I was gonna come over, obviously oblivious to my prior attempts. I asked when he was available, and he responded with, "now :)". I was already at work, so "now" wasn't going to work for me. But I didn't want to chicken out again, I knew I had to make this happen sooner rather than later. "Just Do It", was the common advice I was getting.

So I texted and asked if he was free around lunch time. He asked if I was serious. Maybe he did know about my prior attempts? We went back and forth for awhile. He gave me his address, I sent him some more pics.
I wasn't entirely sure I would be able to make it, and I told him so. Work has a way of forcing me to change my plans at the last minute. That, and I just couldn't help myself, I needed an out, an escape, just in case.  When I finally realized that I was really free, that I was actually gonna go through with this, my heart started pounding. It wouldn't stop till hours later, after I posted my last entry on this blog.

I left work about around 11:30. Stopped at a store to get some gum, I tip I picked up from Explorer Jack, and headed over.  He told me to park in front of his house, to use the gate to go around to the back, and to enter through the sliding glass door. He said "come in, get naked, and we'll have fun".

I got to his house, circled the block a couple of times, parked,  mustered up the courage to get out of the car, and followed his instructions. I walked around the side of his house thinking to myself, "What if this is the wrong house!".  I got to the door, but the blinds were closed so I couldn't see inside. My heart was pounding right behind my ears. I feared it was all a set up, it was all a joke, that I really had the wrong house.  I reached out and pull on the door handle, it slid open.

He called out my name..

I stepped inside, directly into his bedroom. He was siting in a stuffed chair next to his bed. I closed the door behind me. I thought my heart was going to jump out of my throat. But I managed a timid "hi".  He was smiling. I heard music playing. Amazing I could hear anything over my own pounding heart. I turned to the source of the music, and saw a porn flick playing on the tv.   I managed a short chuckle.  I sat down on the bed, and tried to break the ice by commenting on how nervous I was. He told me to just breathe. I sat there, with a look that must have said, "now what?", because he told me to get naked.  

I stood up, and started to take my clothes off, nervously. He was making small talk, but I couldn't tell you what he was saying. About half way through disrobing, I asked if he was gonna get naked too. He got up and grabbed his crotch, he was already hard. I realized then that he was only wearing boxer briefs, along with a t-shirt. By that time, that was all I was wearing as well.

He walked up to me, slid his fingers behind the band of my underwear, and slid them down. Then he slid his off.  Out popped his cock. Thicker and longer than mine, with a noticeable upwards curve.  I was fixated, and my nervousness quickly started to fade.  I could tell just be looking that he was hard as a rock.  I wasn't hard though, not even a little chub, and thought that was very odd.  Even at 35, I can still pop a boner when the wind blows a certain way.  I didn't think about it much, I only thought about his cock.  He was fondling mine, and I reached out and grabbed his.

Touching another man's cock for the first time was a surreal moment.  It was amazing.  It was soft to the touch, but stone hard in the core.  And it was warm.  I grabbed it tightly in my hand.  He was definitely thicker than I was.  I stroked it, back and forth, savoring the experience.  Then I noticed it became slick, and wet.  He was leaking a lot of precum.  I don't, so I was fascinated.

We stood there, perhaps for a minute or two, stroking and rubbing each other's cock.  My cock slowly started to come to life.  I couldn't take my eyes off of his.  I couldn't stand it anymore, I had to lick it.  Sucking cock was the one thing I absolutely had to do on my first time out.  Because, obviously, it's the one thing I can't do on my own or with my wife.  I fell to my knees, got real close, and ran my tongue across the tip.  His precum was sweet, and I loved the taste.  I went to town, licking up of and down the sides, taking the head into my mouth, flicking my tongue quickly just underneath the head.  Everything that I had read about, that I knew must feel good.  I was like a starving man, and this cock was my first meal in days!  He moaned and grunted, and I took that as encouragement to do more.  He shifted a little, and sat on the foot of the bed.  I followed, barely taking my mouth off his cock.  I reached up his shirt, pinched his nipple, and pushed him back so that now he was lying on the bed.

I simply don't have the works to describe what I was feeling at that moment.  His cock was the only thing that existed for me.  I had imagined, fantasized, dreamed of this for so long that now that it was happening it almost didn't feel real.  All my fears were gone, all my nervousness gone.  There was just me, and his cock.


  1. good boy. 1st rule of blogging...stretch the story out. give us every exquisite detail. hell jay...this is your first anything with a guy. turn it into 10 posts. ha! you're obviously still alive. the world hasn't come to an end and it sounds like it was definitely a good experience. congratulations buddy. now tease us. make us beg for the ending. you're writing this VERY well. you got me rock hard and small feat!
    i rarely get off on a just a picture. even less so on a blog post. but got me strokin. as i started to read the clothes came off. by the time you got on your knees i was butt nekid and strokin. i tried to imagine your mouth on my cock. i wanted the whole story. i wanted it NOW!!! that's the true test of a good writer. leave them wanting more. i was pissed and hot as fuck that the story ended. that's good jay! i had no choice but to imagine how things ended. and as i did so i busted a very satisfying nut. so congratulations and kudos! where did you say you lived? hahahahaha!

  2. I'm sitting here with a hardon while I'm reading your blog. Going to slip my gym shorts off and pound this baby. Can't wait to hear more of your experience. The Nike guy.

  3. I'm not going to lie, that post got me a little hot and bothered to read too. I'll admit, I don't know that I'd have had the balls to do a random hookup like that. Can't wait to hear more.

  4. Jay,

    Oooooo you cheeky little sexy beast. Stretching out the story in multiple posts, huh? Nice (and effective!) 'Cuz God knows that I started reading with a limp dick, then got a chub, then it went rock hard. Nicely done! Not only am I addicted to you, but it sounds like you're now addicted, too ;-)


  5. Now I am going to think about you guys jacking off to my posts. Fucking awesome. You have know idea how it makes me feel knowing that my experience has affected you. And I know what you mean, I lived it, wrote about it, and it gets me hot and bothered every time I think about it!

  6. I just had a chance to read this, and I echo the above sentiments!

    Man, my heart was beating too, as I read about you going to the guys side entrance.

    It's EXACTLY the same fear/thrill I had.

    I think I'm gonna wait a day to read the next part......

    Maybe by then, MY boner will go down.