Monday, July 14, 2014

The Hot Tubs

It would be more than a month before Slut Phase Victim #5 came into the picture.  In that time, I've hooked up with Victim #3 a couple of times.  I didn't give him a name in my last post, let's call him Nate.  My first time with Nate was the all-nighter in a hotel room on an out-of-town trip.  My second time was a blow job in my office late at night the following week.  Then we decided to get together at a local hot tub place in a city near us.  We made plans to both leave early for work one afternoon and meet up at this place, which would give us a good hour, hour and a half of fun.

The particular establishment was one of the more skeevy places that I've been too.  I didn't expect a whole lot, and it doesn't look like a whole lot from the outside.  When I first saw it, months ago, I assumed that prostitutes were hanging out in the parking lot out front.  When Nate and I were first making plans, he mentioned another place in another town that seemed much more upscale.  Ultimately, we decided against the "nicer" place because it required a reservation, and my schedule was too tenuous.  So, we opted for the less "reputable" place.

It actually wasn't that bad.  It was just old and run down.  I'm sure there are all kinds of dealings that go on there that I don't want to know about, but Nate and I didn't get a sense that any of that stuff was happening. At least, not while we were there.  The hot tub itself was nice, hot, and seemed clean.  The room also came with a bed, a sauna, and a shower.  We learned quickly that it gets way too hot in those rooms, to the point that we were both feeling a bit lightheaded.  But we enjoyed the tub, making small talk for a bit then getting into some kissing and cuddling.

It wasn't long before I had his cock in my mouth.  The heat was definitely getting to him, because he couldn't get completely hard.  But I didn't let that deter me any bit.  I sucked on his semi-hard cock for what seemed like 15 or 20 minutes.  (It was probably only 5)  Then I pulled myself out of the tub and presented my cock to be sucked by him.  I enjoyed his mouth and tongue for a few minutes, then I left the tub area and pulled him over to the bed.  We laid down, locked tongues, and began to grind our groins into each other.  I knew from our first encounter that he loves to slide his cock in between my ass cheeks, so after a few minutes I turned over onto my stomach.  He took the hint and laid down on top of me.  I enjoyed having the weight on me.  I also enjoyed the feeling of his cock sliding across my hole.  At one point, I was sure that there was penetration, but I figured out quickly that it was just additional pressure against my sphincter.  I pushed back against it, and he was getting intense with his grinding.

We kept that up for a few minutes until I he began to whimper, then eventually yell out as I felt his cum all over my backside.  I reached back and scooped up what I could, and used it as lube as I began to stroke my now throbbing cock.  He watched, I think he may have even sucked on one of my balls.  I was cumming within a few minutes, and as soon as I did his mouth was on my cock sucking it all up.

Then we both collapsed.

After a nap, which felt like hours but I know was only a few minutes, we managed to collect ourselves and start the clean up process.  We both took showers, dried off as best we could in the damp hot room, and got dressed.  Once we felt like we were put together well enough, we exited.  I said my goodbyes in the parking lot.  All in all, I'd say it was a good experience, despite the seediness of the establishment.  We actually met up there one other time since, which I will tell you about later.


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