Sunday, August 17, 2014

I've been in a weird funk all weekend.  I think it might have started with a dream I had on Friday night.  I don't remember all of the dream, but a couple of points really stand out.  I was riding in a car, an black SUV, with about 4 guys.  I was in the back seat sitting behind the driver.  I think, maybe, the driver was a guy that I work with.  He's older than me, but he's what I would call the typical chauvinistic male.  He has no problem make dick jokes, even go as far as make jokes about guys blowing one another to get what they want.  I've even seen him make other guys in the room blush. So, he's driving.  And there's a younger guy in the front passenger seat.  I knew him in the dream, but now that I am awake I have no idea who he was.

There's another guy sitting in the back with me.  He's one hell of a dreamy, sexy specimen.  He's in his twenties.  I think at the start of the dream, he was fully clothed.  But at some point he lost his shirt.  He had short hair, immaculately styled.  He was muscular, but not overdone.  He was smooth, on his face and on his chest. He had dark hair, blue eyes, perfect lips.

Anyways.  I'm not looking much at the guy next to me.  I don't know if it was because I didn't want to be too obvious, or if I was distracted by something else.  The front seat passenger kept making jokes, and bouncing around in his seat.  At one point, I look in his direction, and I can't understand what I'm looking at.  The driver, the coworker, starts laughing and makes a gesture like he's about to grab the passenger's crotch.  I still don't understand what I'm seeing, but I hear the driver say something like, "If a woman sitting next to me did that, I "accidentally" slip my hand right here.  I'm mean, she'd almost be asking for it."  Again, I notice that the driver makes a motion like he's grabbing the passenger's crotch, but I can't see the passenger's crotch.  I sit up straight, and try to see more of what's going on.  I see what look's like a huge lump between the guy's legs.  But it's not a lump that I can identify.  I lean forward a little more, and I realize that the guy is in his seat upside down!  What I thought was his crotch was his shoulders, and the lump was his neck.  He head was so far back, that it disappeared from my view.

It made sense, but then it didn't.  Why had this guy turned himself upside down?  His legs were bent in a way that they were entirely hidden by the seatback.  I leaned in further, and he pushed his hips into the air.  That's when I realized that he'd lost his pants, and his cock was rock hard and pointing downwards toward his head.  I blushed slightly, and sat back in my seat.  I didn't want to be obvious, but this guy's cock had caused an immediate reaction in my own cock.

I tried my damnedest to not look "too" interested.  The driver is still make jokes and laughing.  I could have sworn that the driver grabbed the passenger's cock, but that may have just been my overactive imagination. I relaxed into my seat, and noticed that the guy sitting next to me was looking at me.  I looked in his direction, and saw nothing but desire in his face.  I didn't want to believe, and I felt like all of this could be a trap.  But he inched his way a little closer to me.  I saw hesitation in his face as well, like maybe he wasn't sure that I was going to respond the way he hoped.

He had to be one of the most sexy, handsome, young men I'd ever laid my eyes on.  He inched a little closer, and put his hand on my thigh.  I was nervous, and I didn't want to get caught.  But lust took over, and my face surely told him that I wanted him badly.  He leaned over, opened his mouth slightly, and our tongues met before our lips.  My body exploded.  This is where I realized that he's shirtless, and I put my hand on his chest.  I can feel the clearly defined pecs, I find and slightly pinch his nipples, I rub my hand up to his shoulders.  All the while, our tongues are having a bit of foreplay on their own.

Then I start to get worried that the guys in the front seat are going to look back and see us.  So, I push him back away from me, but slowly.  I imagined that his hand was on my crotch, confirming my attraction.  I also imagined that he had my cock bare in his hands.  But I pushed him off.  I was thinking that I didn't really care if I got caught.  A guy as sexy as this, surely anyone would forgive me.  But, still, I pushed him off.

The dream shifted then, and it never got back to that scene.  After I woke up, I could still taste him on my tongue, feel his chest in my hand.  I couldn't remember exactly what he looked like, but the parts of the dream that mattered are still extremely real and vivid in my mind.  Even now, two days later.  All day Saturday, I would constantly allow myself to daydream and replay out the scene in my mind.

I think the dream was partially to blame for the funk that I find myself in now.

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