Friday, June 28, 2013


I went to a customer's home today.  I had to stop by to take care of a couple of issues with some product we sold to him.  I called him ahead of time, to confirm a time.  He told me anytime was fine, he was retired, and he'd be home all day.  On the drive over, which took a little under an hour, I started thinking.  What if this guy is hot?  What if this guy is like me, likes to have some fun now and then.  I knew nothing at all about him, except that he was retired.  So that put him as older, but that wasn't saying much.  In my area of the country, I know a few guys less than 10 years older than me who are retired.  But I had absolutely no idea what he looked like, what he was like, what he was into.  And I was started to get a bit horny at just the possibility of something happening at this guys home.  Typically the customers that I visit in the middle of the day are women, and my mind just doesn't go there.

As I mentioned, the drive takes a little while.  It is a nice warm and sunny day, and I'm driving through this nice neighborhood with the windows down.  I'm letting my mind wander a bit about the possibilities.

I get there, turns out that it is a ways further than I thought up a winding road.  His house is pretty secluded, surrounded by trees and hills.  I'm thinking, "Damn!, what I would't give to live here".  I grab what I needed out of my car and walk up to the front door.  After a brief moment, he answers the door.  He is a much older man, white hair and beard, shorter, and with a big belly.  He could have easily played Santa Claus, not the hot guy in my short lived fantasy.  But you know what?  I was still horny, and I couldn't stop thinking about it the entire time I was there.  He was barefoot, and because I am all about customer service, I took off my shoes as well.  He took me around his house, showing me the issues that he needed help with.  He mentioned his wife, but she obviously was not home.  It wasn't long before I noticed the smell of weed on him, and I knew that he'd lit up less then a few minutes before I got there.

Nothing happened.  But as he took me around his house I kept thinking that with even the slightest hint, I'd
have no problem going down on him.  He was a nice guy, very personable.  He apologized for not being dressed nicer. He was in shorts and a button-up shirt.  I think I said something like on a day like today, I'd be wearing less.  The entire time I was there, I couldn't stop thinking about the possibilities of sucking his cock, or having him suck mine.  Then I started thinking about how I wouldn't be able to recognize the hints even if they were there.  I am so shy awkward, I certainly didn't know how to drop any hints myself.

I took care of the issues I could, made a promise to send others to take care of the rest.  I left with the urge to jump onto Squirt or Grindr or something to see what trouble I could get into before I went back to the office.  In the end, I just got something to eat and continued on my boring day.

What would you have done?  Forget that the guy may or may not have been your type, what would you have done if you were standing in the home of a guy that you wanted sex with?  What signs would you have looked for?  What hints would you have dropped?


  1. I know you mean in this situation. I would probably have done the very same thing. Here's a couple of hints:
    placing hands near or casually brushing against your crotch. Direct eye contact, often. Compliment his home and see if he takes you on a tour. If he leaves the bedroom for last, try and ask questions while lingering a bit. These are all hints & suggestions that have worked for me.

    1. As I was driving away I thought, "I should've grabbed my crotch a couple of times and gauged his reaction". I'll remember that the next time I'm in that situation.

  2. Jay, you slay me.

    I have those fantasies too, but I doubt I'll ever act on them. I'm pretty clueless about hitting on someone in the real world, or them hitting on me. Either it doesn't happen or I'm oblivious.

    My question is why you continued the fantasy even after you met the dude, and he looked like St. Nick....even you admitted that you weren't attracted.

    Perhaps that made the taboo aspect even more exciting, eh?

    By the way, I think I have some stuff in MY house that needs inspecting. C'mon over.

    1. Because I was horny, and that wasn't just go away. Yeah, the taboo aspect, I'm sure, certainly had an effect. But in the end, if something were to happen, I am sure it would have felt as good regardless of what he looked like.

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  4. Jay, I like reading your posts because in them I see the divide between one's mind and the other seeming extreme of nothing doing or nothing happening.
    Some days your blog title, crossing the line could be crossing the nation or the world seemingly.

    Bi guys may dream of what we want and may achieve it sporadically or not at all in life.
    Therein seems to lie the struggle.
    -I don't know where the happy medium is between hint, and all-out clarity on stating what one wants, bonding, hugging, affectioning another guy..

    A lot of my m2m longings seems to be in the words attention, affection, bonding and integrity. I then day dream about scenarios where those words happen and of course it seldom has since being married for 16 years mostly by choice.
    -One thing I know, posting to the bi-men this and that site seems to only fuel desire and further widen the boundary between what may be wanted, and what is the here and now.
    -Just thinking out loud, perhaps shyness and cautiousness are gifts that really keep on giving toward our behalf unbeknownst to us. Yet, knowing we are human with m2m longings is something to be shared on blogs like yours as opposed to hanging out a shingle touting our
    good points.
    Cyber hugs to you and your reader!

    1. Shyness and cautiousness are gifts. However, they can be a curse at times. Shyness kept me from exploring who I was or who I wanted to be when I was younger. Cautiousness kept me from taking risks. So, later on in life, it is not a feeling of accomplishment or fulfillment that I have, it is a feeling of regret and a little personal shame. Had I been a little less shy, and a little less cautious, I could have explored things in a more socially acceptable way and eliminated a lot of struggle.

  5. I'm shy and cautious, just like you. There was this one time wen my best friend tried to... I dunno hw to say it...
    I really freaked out n stopped talking to him for a while. But d truth still is I've always been a homo... Duno y I did dat...


    1. I can understand that. I remember when one of my female friends was trying to tell me that she had a girlfriend. I almost immediately became very nervous and on edge. I was actually afraid that she was lying to me, to get me to admit something so that she could later use it against me. It was stupid, but these things are rarely rational. I can imagine that if a male friend of mine tried to hit on me, I would think that he was trying to play a joke on me. Today, I think I would still think it was a joke but I would turn it back on him by making him follow through with it.

    2. " I think I would still think it was a joke but I would turn it back on him by making him follow through with it." .... hehe nince thought!


  6. It is amazing how our cocks can make us think and do things we would not normally do. However, I would have done exactly what you did in the situation, constantly looking for signs, possibly missing some opportunities to push it along, and leaving frustrated and wondering if I should have done more.

    When I have had repair men over to the house,I so want to see them naked and go down on them. In my mind, I made suggestive moves and comments, but I guess fear prevented me from going any further. When I am cruising at public places where guys go for sex, I can be aggressive, but when it comes to situations where sex is not what would be expected, my mind overrules my cock.
    The closest I got to any kind of aggressiveness with a repair guy was one hot summer day. I wore only shorts, talked about how hot it was outside since he was going to have to be working in the hot garage and sometimes in the house, and that I was sure he would be more comfortable in just shorts. He kind of chuckled and said something like, yeah it was hot, but no other response. Damn, he was a hot muscular man too.
    While he was working I invited a guy over for sex, a ballsy move on my part. He was downstairs working, in and out of the house, and we were naked upstairs having sex. I left the bedroom door open and the guy was pretty load while he was fucking me and cumming. Part of me wanted the repair man to hear and come upstairs. Needless to say, that never happened. I got fucked, but not by the repairman. He finished up the job and left. I still think of that guy and wonder if I should have just asked him if he wanted to be sucked.

    Anyway, I think most of us have been in your situation, with the same results, thanks for sharing.