Sunday, January 13, 2013

Gay Men Everywhere

I had the chance to have a little fun the other day.  Actually, a lot of fun, and its been awhile since this kind of opportunity has come around. I made plans to leave work early and meet up with M at his house.  He had the day off. He wanted me to act out a fantasy, you know the one, where he leaves the front door unlocked.  He's "napping" and I sneak in and tie him up before he has the chance to escape, then I get to have my way.

I'm a masculine guy, I'm a big guy.  But I'm not a forceful guy.  And I tend to be more, um, passionate than vocal.  So, I was a bit nervous.  I was nervous I was about to make a complete and utter fool of myself.

Anyways, I'll get back to that.  It was the day leading up to this that I really wanted to write about.  I planned on leaving work early. While at the office, another coworker showed up.  We all spend a good deal of time outside the office, so him showing up was not something I expected.  Technically, I am his boss, his manager.  But saying that he is my employee or my subordinate just feels weird.  So, he's my coworker, or colleague.  He shows up unexpected, and I'm expected to spend some time with him going over a few things. I'm sitting with him in the conference room, and I'm wondering about how long this is going to take because I have a guy in a bed waiting for me.

This co-worker just happens to be gay.  He's out and has a husband.  He doesn't know about my closeted side.  Or, maybe he does, and he's just too polite to tell me. The whole time we're sitting in the conference room, I have this urge to tell him about the dick I am going to go suck.  I want to tell him because he of all people would appreciate it, and because we could bond over it.  Then I imagine him sucking off his husband, and I quickly have to wrap up the meeting and get out of there.

I wasn't going directly to M's house.  I had to make a stop along the way at my previous place of employment.  There's not much left of that company, with current market conditions at all.  But they do have some material that my current company may want to buy. I stop by and go to see an old friend who used to be a co-worker.  Yes, co-worker in the same sense that I used to be his boss.  We're catching up on what's new in our lives, when another old employee of that company walks in the door.  This guy also just happens to be gay.  I do not know if he is out, or if he is partnered.  I only know that he is gay because a year or so ago he was brave enough to put his actual picture on Grindr, and I saw it.  He doesn't know about me, because I am not that brave.  We're chatting, the three of us, and again I have this urge to pull him aside and brag about the dick I am about to go suck.  Perhaps, I may even tell him about some of the other things I plan on doing. Again, I quickly have to make my way out of there.

You know how when someone mentions a red car, you suddenly notice red cars everywhere?  On this day, pretty much the only thing on my mind was the homosexual adventure I had planned for myself.  Why, on that day would I run into the few people I know that are gay.  Reality check, on any other day, the fact that these guys were gay would not have even crossed my mind.  But on that day, it was essentially all I could think about.

When I arrive at M's house, the door was unlocked.  I did "sneak" into his bedroom.  It was dark, he had soft music playing, and there were candles lit.  I knew the fantasy I was supposed to play.  But, I gotta say, the scene he set didn't really fit.  So I just did my own thing, which was quickly strip off my clothes and jump on top of him.  Maybe I'll write more about that in another post, I definitely enjoyed myself.  It was until a couple of hours later when we were cleaning up did I notice that he had left scarfs on the door knob, for me to use to tie him up.


  1. Will you tie him up next time, Jay? It could be fun! If you do, please write about it - I would love to hear about it!

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    1. Love the blog! I can't wait to see what you have going on this year