Thursday, October 11, 2012


I often am caught off guard by the eccentricity of my blog subscriptions. I subscribe to a fair number of NSFW gay porn blogs or tumblr sites. I will take advantage of every spare moment I get alone by quickly flicking through various posts.  Most of these are just a simple, but arousing, photo.  Many just pass by, but I mark the few that really stand out so that I can save them. They may end up in a post of my own. Or I may never look at it again.

Lately I've seen a big jump in the number of animated GIFs of some porn scene.  These are fun to look at, but I rarely save them for later.

Although I am a closeted bisexual man, I do not hide my support for equal rights issues.  I have volunteered at a local NOH8 photo shoot.  I will proclaim loudly my support for marriage equality, It Get's Better, and various other causes.

So, here's the eccentric part.  I have two blogger accounts, this one and another that I would actually admit to owning.  I spend most of my time in this one.  As a matter of convenience, I subscribe to a number of blogs that are not your average porn site.  These are the more uplifting, let's-make-the-world-a-better-place type sites. This is how I get my news on all things socially-conscious related, who's out of the closet, who's supporting gay rights, who's not.  I get to see things that really move me, like this video for "Same Love" from Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.  These things, which make me feel proud of what I belief and the little part I play in the world, end up landing right smack in the middle of a picture of a hot guy naked on a beach, and another of two or three hot guys fucking.

At it's most eccentric, and hypocritical, I will read a story about someone's struggle with coming out as gay, their issues with body image, and how they rose above it all, right after viewing a string a pictures of tanned muscled guys (probably airbrushed) that literally make me drool. Is there something wrong with this?

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  1. Jay -
    Dare I say it? You seem perfectly normal. :)