Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Something to Talk About

People always tell me, one person in particular, that I should write about whatever, not just about sex.  To be honest, this is something that I've struggled with.  I haven't had any man on man sex lately, so I haven't written a lot for this blog.  I started this blog with one intention, my journal of my ventures crossing the line into sex with men.

Sure, I've got a lot to say.  I'm actually one of those opinionated, know-it-all types, but in a good way.  LOL.  Writing about something other than sex with men, or my thoughts on sex with men, or my looking for sex with men, (what was I going to say?  oh yeah) would change the purpose and tone of my blog.  Obviously it's my blog, and I can do what I want with it.  I just haven't been able to decide if I want it to change.

I could write about politics.  Because, you know, there aren't enough people out there writing about politics.  I know that you all want to hear my liberal, free thinking point of view.  I could write about my causes.  Despite being a mostly closeted, married, bisexual, I am also an avid supporter of the NOH8 campaign.  I've volunteered at a photo shoot in the past, and my own NOH8 photo was plastered all over my Facebook wall.  I could write about religion.  I am not particularly religious, and I don't belong to any denomination.  My thoughts on religion and the universe tend to a bit out there, and I generally look to theories in science for evidence more than I do faith.

I won't write about my family, any more than to say that I have one.  This being a secret blog, I know that giving away details about my wife and family on the Internet would be yet another huge betrayal.  Which means, also, that I won't write about the other half of being bisexual, sex with women, in any detail.  Since my experiences with sex with women are limited to sex with my wife.

I am actually quite proud of this blog, and quite fond of it's readers.  On many occasions I've wanted to share my little bit of success here with the one person whom I share everything, my wife.  I can't, obviously.  And I think that if I started blogging about something other than sex with men, I will have more of an urge to share it with her.  What if this blog turns into a place where I share my thought on life, the universe (or multi-verse) and everything, and it becomes wildly popular.  I'd never get to share it, unless I deleted all my posts up to now and hired a contract killer to take care of my regular readers.  That doesn't seem very reasonable, you think?

I read a great many blogs.  When I come across one where a blogger bears her/her soul, I always feel honored for being allowed to read it.  I bear my soul, just on this one subject only.  Maybe I will start writing about more, I don't know.  Maybe I will just keep complaining about not having a lot to write about, because I know you'll love that.  Maybe I will just go out and find another guy to suck my dick so that we can get back to what's really important!



  1. get out there and just DO IT...citius altius fortius!

    1. Well said. Though the only latin I know is veni vidi vici, but I guess that's appropriate too!

  2. A blog is a kind of journal online. You share what you want, write down what you think. I am sure you need to go out and find another guy. And, of course you have got to keep it from your wife.

  3. "Maybe I will just go out and find another guy to suck my dick so that we can get back to what's really important!"

    Atta boy! At least let's be honest about it. It's doubtful your readers have much in common when it comes to politics, religion or cooking, but as for Guy-guy stuff, I think you've got our attention.

    There's no limit to the number of blogs you can have, so if you want to start a new political/religious/cooking blog, then do that, get uber famous and you never have to kill anyone.

  4. Jay, I can understand your position better than I wish I could. By that I meanI've been blogging just about 3 years. At first it was a very easy thing to do. My head was full of topics that I could write about with no problem.

    Now, the situation is different. The things I really cared about have been said. Finding something that hasn't been said is difficult. Yet, my readership is increasing and I feel an obligation to them.

    You were one of the bloggers which helped my blog get a foothold. I have always enjoyed your blog and I hate that it has been a couple of months since we've heard from you.

    I hope you find something to write soon. Perhaps you could set a semi-regular schedule and find something you want to write on a couple of times a month.

    Best wishes.

    Jack Scott