Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Day In The Park

I'm really not sure what I expected, or what I was thinking, as I drove to the park. I was in The City, and I had a some time to kill. I was working, but just as on most days, no one accounts for my time and efforts but me. So, I had some time to kill. My next meeting wasn't for a couple of hours. I had seen on Squirt.org that there was a particular park in The City that was pretty popular for hookups. I needed a quiet place to sit down and possible get some work done (yeah, right!), so I decided to drive over and check it out.

I parked, grabbed my backpack with my computer, because, you know, I was there to work, and I walked over to the park. This wasn't your typical city park, or at least not typical of any of the parks I was used to in my life. My idea of a park is an open field, usually with some playground equipment and a baseball field or two. No, this was a vast forest area on a very steep hill. Walking into it, I could easily figure out why it was the choice place for M2M casual encounters. Lots of underbrush, lots of trails, lots of places to be out of view of the general public.

And, lots of steps. I was out of breath in seconds. Again, I hadn't yet decided what I was there for, so I just made my way of the hill. The City is known for it's killer views, and I had a suspicion that this place would not disappoint. It didn't. I made up to one of the summits, with my heart pounding in my chest and cool air on my face. The view was spectacular. I could see almost all of the city, the bridge blanketed in fog, the bay. I sat there for a while, simultaneously checking out the view and checking out Scruff, but really just trying to catch my breath. Scruff told me there were guys near by, but no one super close. I could see a few others walking around, a couple walked right by me. One guy climbed up the hill behind me. I thought maybe he was there for action, but there was no way he was getting anything out of me. He looked like he slept in the park last night.

Once I caught my breath, I walked around for a bit. There were a few guys walking around alone, but almost all appeared to be there just for the fresh air. I did see what looked like it might have been two guys doing something together in the distance, but I wasn't close enough to confirm anything. Anyways, after about an hour or so, I decided I'd had enough fresh air, so I started to make my way back to the entrance.

On my way out, I passed a guy who had just gotten out of his car. He was dressed in short and a sleeveless tee, and looked like he was there for a jog. I didn't pay him much attention, he was older than I was and had no hair on his head.

I made it back to my car, I really had to piss and I couldn't decide what to do next. I still didn't have to be anywhere for a couple of hours, and I wasn't in the mood to be early. It was Monday after all. I decided to take another look at Scruff. Maybe one of the guys that I'd been chatting on previous trips to The City were around. There are a couple of messages, but nothing real promising. I had really hoped that this one guy I'd met up with a couple of times would be around later today, but he hadn't responded to my message yet. It was then that I noticed that the guy I had just passed at the park entrance had taken the profile square right next to mine.

I didn't pay much attention to it, figured I was on my way out. But I hadn't left yet, and a minute later he messaged me. We went back and forth for a bit, and it wasn't long before I was back out of my car and walking back in the park entrance.

I met up with the guy, he was older, in his fifties. No hair on his head, but that was by choice. He obviously had very light colored hair, when he had it, because his eyebrows disappeared also. Anyways, we made the usual awkward small talk as I got him to lead the way towards a good spot. It was, after all, my first visit. I wouldn't have known where the good spots were. And really, neither did he. It took us a few minutes to find something suitable, and it required walking up a pretty steep hill and through some briars. When we finally did find a spot that was halfway decent, I suddenly remembered how badly I had to piss. Remember? I mentioned that before.

He waited patiently, as I took one of the longest pisses in my life. That's what I get for holding it for so long, and for being nervous about who was about to walk around the bend. When I finally did finish, I shook off what piss I could from my cock, turned around, and fed it right into his mouth. Like a good boy, he was already sitting down waiting.

The man had skills. He sucked me from soft to hard in seconds flat. The cool air hitting the exposed parts of my body was probably helping a bit. I had one hand on the back of his head, the other on a branch just over my head. I was rhythmically fucking his mouth, but slowly, enjoying every bit of it. I was still looking around nervously. I saw one guy jogging on a ridge a ways away, I didn't worry because he was going in the other direction. But as my orgasm started to build, I cared less and less about who might be around. I even started to moan.

It was probably one of the shortest blowjobs I've received, because I was cumming in a matter of a few minutes. He let me cum in his mouth, and kept nursing after my cock well into the oversensitive phase, and I let him. I saw another guy on the same ridge, walking in the other direction. Once glance to the left, and he'd see the both of us. I watched, as I still rhythmically slid my cock in and out of this guys mouth. He didn't look. I don't know what I would have done had he, or if I would have cared.

When I finally pulled my cock out, he spit my cum on the ground. I didn't know what was going to happen next, the deal I'd struck on Scruff was just for a blowjob, for me. When he stood up, I could see he was tenting his pants. I don't know if he expected me to reciprocate, or if he saw me staring, but he started to undo his pants. I quickly took he seat on the log, and he quickly fed me his cock.

It was a nice sized cock, I'm starting to think that everyone is bigger than I am. Very little hair, guess it wasn't just his head that was lacking. He was uncut, and I am really starting to love uncut cocks. Fortunately, it was clean.

I quickened my pace, and he was much more vocal as he fucked my mouth. I kept a hand on the base of his shaft to keep the skin pulled back, and the other hand gripped his ass and I guided his hips back and forth. I think I'm actually starting to get good at this, he came much faster than I did. If anyone heard me, then they definitely heard him. I let him cum in my mouth, and he had a firm grip on my hair as he did it. When he was done, I attempted to spit it out. I almost started laughing when a big splooge of it refused to let go of my tongue. I had to wipe it away, then I went back to his cock to see if I could get any more.

We both straightened ourselves out, and made our way back to the park entrance. He tried to make small talk along the way, but I'm not one for talking, especially afterwards. It's just awkward. I'm much better writing about it. Anyways, we came up to his car first, so I shook his hand and was on my way.


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