Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What's the title of this post?

I've enjoyed reliving my experiences of the last [almost] two years, of crossing the line.  Writing for Bi Like Me was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed reaching a new audience.  My first thought when I learned that BLM was moving on was that I'd just post my normal Friday post on my own blog.  I know, novel idea right?  Thing is, it feels a little odd rewriting experiences here that I have already written about.  Take that away, and considering my current dry spell, what the hell do I write about?

I could get into fiction.  I love writing x-rated stories.  Only problem is that I have to be in the mood, and not having regular trysts is not doing much for my libido. I'd post what I've already written, but that's too risky.  You see, my wife has read those.  It would be too much to explain if she ever came across them on this blog.  So I need new stories, and new inspiration.

I could write about other things important in my life.  Certainly there are more things interesting going on than just sex, right?  Yeah, maybe I'll turn this space into a political action blog.  Maybe I'll start writing about the trials and tribulations of the family dog.  Maybe. 

I started this blog as a way to express a part of my life that I couldn't express to anyone in my life, as all of you who have been a part of this from the beginning, and those who have read my recent posts on BLM, already know.  I have other modes of expression for the other parts of my life.  Odd thing is, those other modes, I've actually neglected them more so than this blog.  Maybe it's time to bring it all together, but anonymously.  I'm sure that this is not my first post where I lamented on what to post, but there it is.  Maybe this is my way of dealing with writer's block.

The hardest part about writing a post is figuring out what the hell to put as the title, go figure.  At least I always include some pics of hot and hunky men.  There will always be that. :)


  1. Okay, I have a question for you Jay, and maybe a topic for your next post.

    What do you think of Tittie Tuesday's last post? I actually found her revelation a little surprising, and I'm curious what has transpired since. I know you and she are e-mail buddies, and I'm pretty sure she reads your blog.

    Are there any similarities between your situation and hers?

    Just curious....as always.

    1. Jack, I'm taking your suggestion and planning a post on this. Any similarities between our situations? Hmm, I don't know. It's hard to say because I couldn't possibly imagine what's going on inside her husband's head. But I do see some connections between what she is going through and what my own wife might be going through.

  2. I hope to see you write more I took break to find myself but all I found was the same sex I have had for years. If you continue to write it will probably be insitefull and help full.

    Good luck.

  3. Jay: Take all the time you need to get inspired again....meanwhile, I'll keep checking back. Now with BLM gone, you're my only connection to the life I share with you....bi, married and sexually frustrated. Kevin